The Stone Gryphon: “M.I.A.”

“We thought you’d died with Griff! Is he here?  Is he with you?”  Leo


Written by: Robert Cohen

Original Air Date: December 21, 1995

Introduces: Griff, Una, Leo

Timeline placement: 1940; January 23 – 24, 1996

Location:  London, England

TMNT episode I could make a very forced comparison to: “Timing is Everything”


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The Penthouse: “City at War” Part Three

“The turtles team up with the Foot? It sounds crazy!”Donatello

“Weasel! The Shredder’s back! Seems the guy doesn’t know when to stay in the morgue.”Boss


Written by: Ben Townsend

Original Air Date: March 27, 2004

Recap Narrator: Raphael

Characters and Concepts Introduced: N/A

Gargoyles episodes I could make comparisons to: “Avalon”, “Turf”

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The Wedding Bells of Notre Dame: “Sanctuary”

“I’m the monster of Notre Dame.” — Thailog


Written by: Cary Bates

Original Air Date: December 18, 1995

Introduces: Dominique Destine, Nightstone Unlimited

Timeline placement: January 21 – 22, 1996

Location: Paris, France

TMNT episodes I could make variably forced comparisons to: N / A

Content Note: Domestic Abuse, Rape

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