Open Thread: Casting

So in the past week, I wrote on Tumblr how my ideal TMNT film would feature Annie Illonzeh (Arrow, Switched at Birth, Charlie’s Angels [2012]) as April O’Neil.

Annie Illonzeh

If you had absolute casting power when it came to either a TMNT or Gargoyles production, who would you choose?  Note that actors don’t have to be currently alive or active–you can, for example, suggest “Lucy Lawless circa season 1 Xena“.

(Note: Although open threads often feature icebreaker questions, they are designed to allow discussion on a wide variety of topics, so deviation from the original prompt is both allowed and encouraged.  As always, please remember to mind the comment policy.)


TMNT (2012): “T.C.R.I.” (Spoilers)

I can’t decide if the people working on writing for this show are very, very cynical–rivaling the original toon in thinking that its audience won’t care about the substance of what they’re peddling*–or if they’re actually being more realistic than I am.  In any case, I’m left wishing for Peter Laird’s editorial involvement–the show needs a person to tell them “do better”.

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