Shopping like it’s 1995

Things I got at the mall today:

  • Person of Interest Season 3 (DVD)
  • Frames for my two Babs Tarr prints, so I can finally hang them up after buying them back in May.
  • The Trade Paperback for Magik: Storm & Illyana, rather fantastic X-Men mini-series.
  • A Kenner Elisa Maza action figure.

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Open Thread: Writing about oppression

So after working on my responses to some of the comments in my “Kingdom” post, I once again stumbled upon a Tumblr post which I feel is relevant to the discussion of Gargoyles and its issues with representation.

From the tumblr more of a lark than a dove (I believe):

i really like the advice “write marginalized characters but don’t write about marginalization unless you experience it”

absolutely i think cis people should expand their horizons and write trans characters, but they shouldn’t write stories about being trans. likewise i think allistic / NT authors should write about autistic characters! but not stories about being autistic. 

represent us. absolutely. but don’t tell our stories. let us do that.

Now, I’m fairly certain I disagree, largely because it feels fundamentally at odds with what fiction is supposed to be.  Secondly, it opens the question of where exactly works like Gargoyles and the X-Men lie, particularly since these sorts of works tend to be most effective precisely when they most mirror the experiences of real peoples and groups.

On the other hand, when I read about how Sense8, a series ostensibly about people from all over the world, cannot achieve its global vision as long as the creative forces driving it are exclusively white, exclusively western and almost exclusively male, I can’t help but nod. I look at episodes like “Heritage” and its complete failure to tell a story about the Haida people, and I start thinking it’s not such bad advice at all.  And so, therefore, I’m left pondering, and then pondering some more.

What do y’all think?

P.S.: Watch Sense8.

And that’s why you always leave a note: “Kingdom”

“You wanna be in charge? Speak now, or hold your peace.” — Talon vlcsnap-2015-03-09-15h41m32s231 Written by: Marty Isenberg and Robert Skir

Original Air Date: February 5, 1996

Introduces: Al, Chaz, Lou

Timeline placement: January 4 – 5, 1996

TMNT episode I could make a forced comparison to: “Garbageman

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Demona spotted at Puerto Rico Comic Con 2015

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take their name (ETA: it’s Marie Louise Cruz–thank you, commenter Omar Feliciano) for proper accreditation, or do much more than take a picture.  Comic Con in general was a blast, but I was especially stoked to see Gargoyles getting some love. WP_20150523_005 Actual new reviews up soon, guys. School just let up, so I can finally put the finishing touches on my “Kingdom” essay.

Leatherhead! “What a Croc”

“If I do not have the Transmat…if I cannot be with the Utroms, then life is meaningless.”–Leatherhead vlcsnap-2015-01-19-12h48m43s70 Written by: Ben Townsend Original Air Date: February 28, 2004 Teaser Narrator: Michelangelo Characters and Concepts Introduced: Leatherhead (Proper Introduction) Gargoyles episode I could make a very forced comparison to: “The Cage” Read more of this post

Character Conception Corner: Shadow Jones

I’ve mentioned before that Shadow Jones is one of those characters from the original Ninja Turtles books that I really wish had made it into 4Kids’ adaptation, and that hasn’t changed much–I still really wish she’d made it to the cartoon. Introduced in 1992 during the “City at War” arc, she since became a fixture of the Mirage ‘verse, which focused various stages of her life–infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood–as various stories hopscotched through the timeline.  She’s also one of those characters who were really useful in showing how time had passed and changed the various characters; TMNT isn’t about just having endless iterations of a single status quo–or at least, not usually about that–but about change.  The characters as seen in volume 4 are not the same characters we first met in volume one; almost twenty years have passed since then, and they have made their presence felt, and Shadow is one of the clearest signs of that, as she turns characters into parents and uncles and teachers.

Since 4Kids did not see it fit to feature Shadow in their universe, I decided to take on the job myself. Because I’m me, this meant changing almost everything I thought I could get away with, while still retaining what I felt was the core of the character.  I then paid an artist, as I’ve done before, to translate my ideas into paper (or whatever its online equivalent is), and this is what came from it.


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White’splaining: “Heritage”

“[…] Natsilane.” Elisa Maza, addressing Nick

Written by: Adam Gilad

Original Air Date: November 27, 1995

Introduces: Nick, a.k.a. Natsilane; Grandmother; Raven

Timeline placement: January 3, 1996

TMNT episode I could make a forced comparison to: N/A

Content Note: Anti-indigenous Racism

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