Looking Back: TMNT (2012) Season 1 (Part 2) : TMNT’s Women Problem

[Content Note:  Rape, Rape Culture, Nice Guys (TM), Sexist Tropes]

When I initially wrote that first post about how the pilot for Nick’s TMNT treatment of April O’Neil was problematic, I did not expect writing about gender to become a regular thing. Given that those first two episodes had somehow managed the unlikely feat of making April an irrelevant part of her own story, it seemed to me that there was nowhere for the show to go but up.

That sort of optimism seems funny to me now.

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Looking Back: TMNT (2012) Season 1 (Part 1)

Back when Nick’s take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debuted, I chronicled my thoughts in a post called Wherein I judge the first two episodes of Nick’s TMNT. Although I hadn’t been terribly enthusiastic about the series beforehand, I thought the premiere showed a lot of promise, along with a bunch of space for improvement, which I hoped would occur on as the season went on. Now, with the first season all but over, I thought I’d take the time to look back on it and to see what has changed since the show began and how my initial impressions and theories have held up over time.

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