Fan Art of the Day

I don’t know if it always come through (this is sarcasm, by the way), but I’m generally of the opinion that fans of Gargoyles should be fans of TMNT (2003) and that fans of TMNT should be fans of Gargoyles, and that the two are a natural fit.  Unfortunately, a lot of the internet doesn’t agree with me, possibly because TMNT flew relatively under the animation world’s radar.  So when people who are not  me do put them together, I get really happy.  Like when I found this, by artist ~JEDI-Sheng:

TMNT fans may recognize recurring character Angel, who guest-starred in the episode “Fallen Angel” and made sporadic appearances throughout the show.  She, of course, has been turned into a gargoyle, which is a common thing among Gargoyles fan artists.  It’s not the most original of designs, but then again, originallity isn’t the point here.  She does better on that score with her original characters, who manage to have some neat design elements.  In any case, I’m glad to see stuff like this.


Gargoyles Noir: “The Silver Falcon”

Written by: Cary Bates
Original Air Date: September 12, 1995
Introduces: Martin Hacker; Dominic Dracon; Pal Joey (unidentified); Mace Malone (Mentioned only)
Timeline placement: October 27- October 28, 1995
TMNT episode I could make a forced comparison to: Ep. 4.01: “Cousin Sid”

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