Open Thread: Turtles (or Gargoyles) in Time (Spoilers)

OR: Ian’s cynical ploy to capitalize on today’s increased TMNT-related internet traffic.

So there’s a new episode of the 2012 TMNT out today, the first in a good long while.  I’ll admit I haven’t been following the series all that closely, as I don’t get Nickelodeon in my house, so watching new episodes now requires more effort than I’m sometimes willing to spend.  Still, this episode is special, because we are (finally?) getting one of my favorite-ever TMNT characters.


From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time #1. Art by Sophie Campbell.


Now, do I have any faith they’ll do right by her?  Surprisingly, I’m actually not all that fearful: Renet–or at least the incarnation of her seen in “Time Travails” and the 2003 series–is one of the few characters whose personality is already largely in line with the Nick show’s sensibilities so I don’t expect anything too horrible to be done with her.  Then again, the show could always surprise me.

Anyways!  Time travel.  Talk about your favorite TMNT or Gargoyles stories involving time travel, be they from the cartoons or any other source.  What’s your favorite approach to time travel?  Is it Gargoyles’ “everything occurs because it did”?  Or do you prefer the everything goes chaoticness of the Timey-Wimey Ball?  What stories would you have most liked to see in the proposed Gargoyles spin-off TimeDancer?  Talk about it here!  And heck, if you have anything to say about today’s new episode, feel free to share that also.

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Things Can Be Reversed: “Return to the Underground”

“Him and his big ideas.  ‘C’mon guys, let’s go down to the underground city! We’ll have some laughs!’ WE’LL GET EATEN!”— Michelangelo


Written by: Marty Isenberg

Original Air Date: March 6, 2004

Teaser Narrator: Donatello

Characters and Concepts Introduced: Turtle Tunneler

Gargoyles episode I could make a very forced comparison to: N/A

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