The Penthouse: “City at War” Part Three

“The turtles team up with the Foot? It sounds crazy!”Donatello

“Weasel! The Shredder’s back! Seems the guy doesn’t know when to stay in the morgue.”Boss


Written by: Ben Townsend

Original Air Date: March 27, 2004

Recap Narrator: Raphael

Characters and Concepts Introduced: N/A

Gargoyles episodes I could make comparisons to: “Avalon”, “Turf”

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Mount Everest: “City at War” Part One

“I don’t understand, Sensei. We set out to do something good; it turned out bad. But the truth is, we started it; how can we just walk away?” Leonardo

City at War 1

Written by: Eric Luke

Original Air Date: March 13, 2004

Teaser Narrator: Leonardo

Characters and Concepts Introduced: Karai, Karai’s Retainers

Gargoyles episodes I could make comparisons to: “Avalon”, “Turf”

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Wherein I answer “TMNT 2003″‘s Questionaire

So I ran into this questionnaire yesterday, originally posted by TMNT2003‘s Tortuga Me Gusta Tumblr, and I figured I’d answer it.  Questions are in blockquotes, answers in between.

Your favorite season and why.

Season 4: The culmination of three seasons of growth. The characters and relationships have been established, the writers have broken free of the more limiting S&P restrictions, and we’re allowed to see what they really can do.

Your LEAST favorite season and why.

Season 7: Yes, it was clear that it was rushed as hell, and that they had a budget that made shoestrings seem like an extravagant expenditure. Still, there were lots of interesting things that could be have been done, and the series attempted like one of them.

List three things the series could’ve improved upon.

  • More diversity, particularly when it comes to gender and sexuality.
  • Better ways of dealing with the restrictions imposed by S&P, particularly in the first two seasons.
  • Better production values in general, particularly in seasons 4-7.

If you could only change one thing about the series, what would it be?

One change? Make April a Woman of Color, in line with her depiction for most of the first volume of Mirage.

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TMNT (2012) New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

Target - April O´Neil

“Follow the Leader” and “Mutagen Man Unleashed” have easily been my favorite episodes this season.  Not coincidentally, they heavily featured Karai and April, respectively. This week’s episode apparently focuses on both, so despite last weeks execrable episode and my complete contempt for Ciro Nieli, I have hopes for this one.

As always, post your thoughts, positive, negative, or meta-filled in the comments.


[Content Note: Suicide]

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Ciro Nieli and Female Characters in TMNT Open Thread

So this happened.

Long story short: the people behind the “Shellshocked” TMNT Podcast recently interviewed Ciro Nieli, executive producer of Nick’s TMNT.  Eventually, he was asked about the possibility of seeing new female characters in season 2 of the show, which he answered in the manner transcribed here by fan Tea.

Some highlights:

“I HAVE talked about other girls showing up, with me and the writing staff. How often they’re in it and how much they will replay, I don’t know – definitely not as much as April or Karai, but you know, here’s the thing about these action shows in general is that – and this happens ALL THE TIME – and it’s basically… any time a girl’s on the show, they’re usually too powerful. And it’s just the nature of a girl for some reason, I don’t know what it is, I mean, this happened on Teen Titans, we had trouble kinda limiting Starfire and Raven’s powers; it happens with Wonder Woman, it happened on my Super Robot Monkey show, with this character named Jinmei, it’s just like, and I’m afraid— I’ve been fighting it with April, with where we’re going with her, is to not, you know, not let her get too powerful. And it’s hard, sometimes guys are a lot cooler and easier to deal with within these cartoons”


“So, the fact that we have a good girl and a bad girl already, I think we’re kinda maxed out a little there. That being said, Cipes bugs me on a daily basis to get him a girlfriend on the show.”

Friend of the blog Darth Empress wrote a post about the interview on her Tumblr expressing her disappointment at the news, sparking several conversations within the Tumblr-verse, which included people like TMNT artist and all-around awesome gal Sophie Campbell.

Talk about the interview, Ciro Nieli, and / or sexism in TMNT and Western Animation here.

Protected: Fanfic: The Funeral, Part 2

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Looking Back: TMNT (2012) Season 1 (Part 2) : TMNT’s Women Problem

[Content Note:  Rape, Rape Culture, Nice Guys (TM), Sexist Tropes]

When I initially wrote that first post about how the pilot for Nick’s TMNT treatment of April O’Neil was problematic, I did not expect writing about gender to become a regular thing. Given that those first two episodes had somehow managed the unlikely feat of making April an irrelevant part of her own story, it seemed to me that there was nowhere for the show to go but up.

That sort of optimism seems funny to me now.

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