On one hand, I am morbidly curious about what the Gargoyles fandom has done with “What Does The Fox Say?”(*) in connection to its own character of the same name.  On the other hand, I’m scared about what I’d find if I went searching for it.


(*) Obligatory footnote explaining how I know that’s not the actual name of the song.


Plug: On Stable Time Loops and Free Will

Relevant, I think, given Gargoyles‘ (and arguably TMNT‘s) consistent use of stable time loops in its / their time travel stories.

The pony who holds my fate in her hooves (It’s About Time)

By Froborr of My Little Po-Mo

“It’s About Time” raises both questions within the context of an “ontological paradox” or “time loop.” Twilight had planned for a normal week, but the sight of her future self incites her to panic, and she takes a series of increasingly desperate actions to try to avert the disaster she believes is imminent, in the process steadily altering her appearance until she is a perfect match for her future self. At this point, she realizes that there was no disaster, just her own empty worries, and travels back in time to try to warn herself not to worry, but the sight of her future self incites her to panic…


But what then of free will? Is future Twilight somehow compelled to say and do what she does, stripped of her freedom by the fact that she saw herself do it?

Protected: Fanfic: The Funeral, Part 2

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TMNT (2012) New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

I initially thought I wasn’t going to be able to watch this episode live, but it turns out I do not in fact have work today.  I may or may not write about the actual episode; if I do, I’ll add a link to that in the comments.  In any case, once the episode airs, have at it!  Does it work?  Does it not work?  Do you think it effectively follows up on the developments hinted in the series premiere?  As always, remember to mind the comment policy.


TMNT (2012) 2.01: “The Mutation Situation”

Just in case you were wondering what I though of the episode, I’ve left my thoughts on it on my Tumblr page.   If y’all would like to comment on the episode, though, you can do so on the comment thread here.

Oh Glob I Finally Finished This, Thank Glob: “Turtles in Space — Part Four: The Arena”

Grool: Gladiators do not help each other!  In the games, the weak deserve no mercy!

Raphael: Wrong, hornhead!  We look after our own.


Written by: Mike Ryan
Original Air Date: November 29, 2003
Recap Narrator: Raphael
Characters and Concepts Introduced: Traximus, Monza Ram and the Triceraton All Stars
Gargoyles episode I could make a forced comparison to: N/A

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