Open Thread: Turtles (or Gargoyles) in Time (Spoilers)

OR: Ian’s cynical ploy to capitalize on today’s increased TMNT-related internet traffic.

So there’s a new episode of the 2012 TMNT out today, the first in a good long while.  I’ll admit I haven’t been following the series all that closely, as I don’t get Nickelodeon in my house, so watching new episodes now requires more effort than I’m sometimes willing to spend.  Still, this episode is special, because we are (finally?) getting one of my favorite-ever TMNT characters.


From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time #1. Art by Sophie Campbell.


Now, do I have any faith they’ll do right by her?  Surprisingly, I’m actually not all that fearful: Renet–or at least the incarnation of her seen in “Time Travails” and the 2003 series–is one of the few characters whose personality is already largely in line with the Nick show’s sensibilities so I don’t expect anything too horrible to be done with her.  Then again, the show could always surprise me.

Anyways!  Time travel.  Talk about your favorite TMNT or Gargoyles stories involving time travel, be they from the cartoons or any other source.  What’s your favorite approach to time travel?  Is it Gargoyles’ “everything occurs because it did”?  Or do you prefer the everything goes chaoticness of the Timey-Wimey Ball?  What stories would you have most liked to see in the proposed Gargoyles spin-off TimeDancer?  Talk about it here!  And heck, if you have anything to say about today’s new episode, feel free to share that also.

Also!  On a personal note, remember that Renet artwork which I commissioned that I never seem to shut up about and will post at any possible opportunity?

Renet (2)

Art by MadSeason.

Yeah, that one.  So, thanks to the awesome scribblykimbree, whose artwork raffle I happened to win, I’m going to get another piece of art featuring my and MadSeason‘s Renet design. Yay, me!  Updates as they come.


2 Responses to Open Thread: Turtles (or Gargoyles) in Time (Spoilers)

  1. Ian says:

    Some of my thoughts as I watched “Turtles in Time”.

    * Of course the episode where Mikey gets his love interest is going to begin with him declaring that he’s never going to have a crush. Of fucking course. That said, this is probably the most palatable of the turtle crushes. Although can we pleeeeeeease put the “love at first sight” trope to rest?
    * So we have our third version of “Time Travails”.
    * The turtles? Legends? Them?
    * So Renet and the “Time Masters” are explicitly from the future.
    * Of course all the historical people the writers could think of are male.
    * This version of Savanti is…okay. The 4Kids version still feels like the most balanced version of that character.
    * I’m not sure what to make of this version of Renet. Her personality is fine. Her physicality would probably feel more palatable if it didn’t feel like the writers’ way of making her a Strong Female Character, but is not especially offensive. Making her a turtles fangirl is…I don’t know.
    * Also, I will never not hate Renet’s headdress, but the version used in the cartoon is better than most. The rest of the costume though, is as crap as its ever been.
    * Lord Simultaneous looks not especially impressive in CGI.
    * While the series has struggled with the limits imposed by its use of CGI before, this episode feels especially hobbled by them. England looks a lot like Tokyo looks a lot like Northampton, and given that the episode went out of its way to allude to Arthurian legend, I don’t think it would have been out of line to expect the show’s version of the middle ages to have a little more character.
    * Heck, even Savanti’s Clock Lair felt too generic by half. It was just a clock lair, and an anachronistic one at that. And that was the episode’s coolest set. Give us something that calls back to his future origins. Give us a hodgepodge of time pieces.
    * This episode had both Renet and the turtles sending Savanti to other time periods, which seems deeply unwise, particularly since the episode appears to indicate that changing history is possible.
    * Although the final fight with Savanti was lacking in a certain oomph–and that may well be due to having to watch it in a tiny window–I did like how the turtles were all tactical and teamworky.
    * This episode could have used some time to breathe. You’re time traveling, guys: take a moment to savor it. Instead it’s just zip zip zip with the details being incidental.

    So yeah, a B-.

  2. Chimalpahin says:

    Well it’s rather predictable but my favourite Time Travel story has to be Same as it Never Was. I just liked to see the ravages of time and space upon the turtles, no future Donny due to the nature of the story.

    Time Dancer stories? Really I like to see any stories including indigenous people, preferably their deities not all children of Oberon, so maybe some Mexica gargoyles?
    *little off tangent but the Guatemalan Gargoyles should have really been speaking gratuitous K’iche, or some other Mayan language, rather than just Spanish.

    Judging by your analysis the 4Kids episodes remain the best non-comic version of these stories. Well at least my little sister likes the show :/

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