For the Glory of the Republic: “Rogue in the House” Part Two

“Sirs! Tell them Zog fought bravely. For his comrades. For the republic. For victory!” — Zog


Written by: Ben Townsend

Original Air Date: April 24, 2004

Recap Narrator: Zog

Characters and Concepts Introduced: N/A

Gargoyles episodes I could make comparisons to: “The Edge”

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Mirage Stories: “The Golden Puck”

“Just a puck?  Just a puck!? It’s not just a puck! It’s a symbol. That golden puck comes from the beginning of ice hockey and carries us forward to the future of…ice hockey!” Casey Jones


Written by: Michael Ryan

Original Air Date: April 10, 2004

Teaser Narrator: Casey Jones

Characters and Concepts Introduced: Slim, Jimmy, Jimmy, Mr. Arboost

Gargoyles episodes I could make comparisons to: N/A

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Landfill(er): “Junklantis”

“Rule, Britannia, Britannia rules the waves!  I don’t know the words to this stinky song!” Michelangelo


Written by: Eric Luke

Original Air Date: April 3, 2004

Teaser Narrator: Donatello

Characters and Concepts Introduced: N/A

Gargoyles episodes I could make comparisons to: “Monsters”

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Leatherhead! “What a Croc”

“If I do not have the Transmat…if I cannot be with the Utroms, then life is meaningless.”–Leatherhead vlcsnap-2015-01-19-12h48m43s70 Written by: Ben Townsend Original Air Date: February 28, 2004 Teaser Narrator: Michelangelo Characters and Concepts Introduced: Leatherhead (Proper Introduction) Gargoyles episode I could make a very forced comparison to: “The Cage” Read more of this post

Wherein I answer “TMNT 2003″‘s Questionaire

So I ran into this questionnaire yesterday, originally posted by TMNT2003‘s Tortuga Me Gusta Tumblr, and I figured I’d answer it.  Questions are in blockquotes, answers in between.

Your favorite season and why.

Season 4: The culmination of three seasons of growth. The characters and relationships have been established, the writers have broken free of the more limiting S&P restrictions, and we’re allowed to see what they really can do.

Your LEAST favorite season and why.

Season 7: Yes, it was clear that it was rushed as hell, and that they had a budget that made shoestrings seem like an extravagant expenditure. Still, there were lots of interesting things that could be have been done, and the series attempted like one of them.

List three things the series could’ve improved upon.

  • More diversity, particularly when it comes to gender and sexuality.
  • Better ways of dealing with the restrictions imposed by S&P, particularly in the first two seasons.
  • Better production values in general, particularly in seasons 4-7.

If you could only change one thing about the series, what would it be?

One change? Make April a Woman of Color, in line with her depiction for most of the first volume of Mirage.

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It’s a Bit Clangy, and a Bit Jammy: “Turtles in Space — Part Three: The Big House”

” SPOOOOOOOON!!!”— Raphael


Written by: Marty Isenberg
Original Air Date: November 22, 2003
Recap Narrator: Professor Honeycutt & Michelangelo
Characters and Concepts Introduced: Prime Leader Zanramon
Gargoyles episode I could make a forced comparison to: N/A

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TMNT (2012): “Mouser Attack!” (Spoilers)

“I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman” left me conflicted regarding this show’s take on our favorite can’t-stay-human mad scientist.  While amusing, there didn’t seem anything to make him viable as a long-term character.  His skills did not indicate a way in which he might be a threat, his motives did not give him a reason to interact with the turtles in a way that felt natural, and I didn’t see what else could be done with the character aside from the clichéd “tries to get revenge on the turtles” plots, or any way that would go that would say anything new about the character.  In short, unless something about him was retconned, he seemed like the sort of character destined to star in Batman Cold Opens–there to provide a familiar face to filler action scenes.

After watching “Mouser Attack”, it seems like retcon is it, as the Baxter shown here seems fundamentally different from the one seen in his debut, in a way that hearkens back to Batman: The Animated Series and its tendency to have its villains undergo motive decay, or, if you’re inclined to be less kind, to more mediocre fare like Ben 10. Unexplained throughout the episode is how the same Stockman who could barely make a semi-functional battle armor, whose motives were limited to harassing his former employer, and who had been taken away by the police after his rampage is now once again free, possesses the skills and the resources to build  an army of robots far more advanced than anything he’d built before, and has progressed to semi-random theft–in fact, it’s not even a question any of the turtles ever thinks to ask, which suggests its a question the writers don’t care to have the audience thinking about either.

In any case, the only notable thing about Stockman here–aside from his unexplained changes–is that he is now in the Shredder’s inner circle, a historically familiar position for the character, and one that I fear might have been drained of all novelty value.  He’ll almost certainly be responsible for giving the recently sushified  Xever a measure of mobility, but after that, who knows?

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