Plug: Fashionable Tinfoil accessories

As y’all have probably realized, progress on this blog tends to be, on the regular, slower than an unfired bullet.  I started this blog back in…2011?, and even with bursts of productivity, I’m still only halfway through both TMNT and Gargoyles‘ second seasons.    Therefore, when I look at somebody who can post things with a modicum of consistency, I seethe with envious rage and resentment.  How dare these fortunate souls exist, who can actually focus on things for more than ten seconds at a time and finish things with relative ease?  When these brilliant superhuman monsters also happen to write about things I’m writing about, and do it well, it makes me feel like, like…well, like the rival in a shonen manga / anime. You know how that goes.

On that note, Vrai Kaiser has been posting reviews of Gargoyles episodes as of late, and despite starting yesterday back in August of this year, they are well on their way to surpassing me, and I both hate and love them for it.  Their recaps are insightful and entertaining, and you should totally check them out at



One Response to Plug: Fashionable Tinfoil accessories

  1. Thanks for the recommendation; I still look forward to your own posts, but I’ve been very much enjoying Vrai Kaiser’s blog in the meantime!

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