Shopping like it’s 1995

Things I got at the mall today:

  • Person of Interest Season 3 (DVD)
  • Frames for my two Babs Tarr prints, so I can finally hang them up after buying them back in May.
  • The Trade Paperback for Magik: Storm & Illyana, rather fantastic X-Men mini-series.
  • A Kenner Elisa Maza action figure.





One Response to Shopping like it’s 1995

  1. Chimalpahin says:

    Nice! It feels like the 90’s what with a Jurassic park movie and a terminator movie out! … I wonder what it says about me that I remember buying a Xanatos toy as a kid and maybe one other but Xanatos in his Ironm- err Gargoyles armor.

    Still nice find!

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