Fictional Villains vs. The Real World

One of the more common criticisms of Dean Clarrain / Steve Murphy’s  Archie-published Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures was the way he often used the series as a platform to write about environmental issues that concerned him, and in particular, the rather anvilicious black-and-white way in which he often did so.  Personally, as someone whose list of life dreams includes “developing and overseeing Captain Planet and the Planeteers remake series”, I’ve never been as bothered by it as some. Sure, I often end up wishing the stories could be better, but this has less to do with themes than it does with structure, characterization, etc.

Other times, though, I think he didn’t go far enough:

And the thing is, this isn’t even terribly notable, what with stuff like the recent Coal Ash Spill in South Carolina, and Deepwater Horizon oil spill a few years back.



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