So I’m finally going through the first volume of “Tales of the TMNT”…

…and I’m finding that most of the stories were unquestionably improved upon in their 2003 adaptations.  This is not something I’d thought about very many of the show’s adaptations until now.


2 Responses to So I’m finally going through the first volume of “Tales of the TMNT”…

  1. I have been having a long conversation with a friend regarding adaptations, and as I catch up on the original Mirage issues, I’m happy to hear that improvements were made in the 2003 animated adaptation. I tend to follow what Mike Mignola did with del Toro’s Hellboy films: an adaptation should focus on being similar but different enough so it is a rewarding experience for audiences who already know the source material and want a bit of a surprise. (I’ll stop there, lest the “Shredder as an Utrom” debate starts again.)

  2. Ian says:

    Hello, Derek. I agree that being different enough is one of the big important things that make a good adaptation work–as long as the changes are actually well-considered, of course. : )

    Personally, I think that most of the 2003 series’ adaptations improved upon the original in some manner. That said, the things that made the original comics memorable tend to also be the things that the series really couldn’t toughtouch–the whole atmospheric gritty “mature” (and occasionally actually mature) feel–which means that which one one end up preferring really depends on what one prioritizes. What makes the Tales issues and their adaptations different, then, is that that feel isn’t really there in most of the stories (the exception being “I, Monster”), which leaves them as the sort of stories the cartoon could improve upon on every level.

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