TMNT (2012) New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

Metalhead Rewired

I think I’ve been on the record before about not being a fan of doppelganger turtles running around.  They seem fundamentally misguided, and feel a bit too much like creative crutches.  While this show managed a rather excellent version of Slash–which succeeded, in large part, because of Raph’s existing relationship with Spike–it was nowhere near as successful with Metalhead, who beyond his recurring role as comedic extra, has done nothing but serve as yet another third-act for the turtles to fight, and worse, seems to have nothing to offer beyond that.  Here’s hoping I’m proven wrong.

As always, post your thoughts, positive, negative, or meta-filled in the comments.

ETA: My thoughts below the cut.

What.  How.  What. 

I don’t get it.  How is it that writers come up with the concept of “almost every mutant in the show, captured by the Kraang”–a concept that’s easily worth a two-part episode–and then decide to treat it as an afterthought?  On a much better show, I’d call it brave.  On this show?  Not so much. 

Equally as baffling: the idea that the turtles lost track of Kirby after capturing him in the season premiere.  On one hand, it totally feels like something they would do, since they are the worst.  On the other hand, how the hell is this something that happens offscreen? 

More thoughts later, maybe.  


4 Responses to TMNT (2012) New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

  1. Scott says:

    Well now we know why the mutants were rarely seen in NY, the Kraang have been trying to recapture them all which makes a lot of sense. It also solves the plotholes of where all these mutants were all this time, especially ones like Spiderbitez, Rockwell Monkey, Pigeon Pete, etc.

    I disagree and I think this Metalhead is great. He does was he’s supposed to and the twist of him not really being reprogrammed by the Kraang was great. Glad they didn’t do the generic, “robot goes rogue” storyline.

    Of course now that the mutants are all loose in NY again it re-creates the same problem, but oh well.

  2. Ian says:

    To be clear, I am glad they went in a different direction with the character in this episode. I just don’t find him all that interesting, or find his sacrifice emotionally resonant. His schtick feels quite repetitive, after Spike and Leatherhead, without anything of what makes the emotions associated with those characters feel earned.

    Thinking about it, I think I’ve arrived at the core of what bugs me about the episode. The second half is writing checks the show can’t cash, and needed a suitably dramatic first half to match, and yet, the episode neither suitably develops Metalhead–who, let’s not forget, was nothing but a remote controlled robot until this episode–or the much stronger concept of the Kraang kidnapping the various mutants. Either thing really needed more time, and doing them both in one episode means they end up undercooked.

    ETA: Something else: as glad as I am that we have some sort of explanation of what the mutants have been up to, it strains my suspension of disbelief to see the Kraang–who have previously and consistently been shown to be utterly useless against the various mutants when they inevitably break free–were able to recapture them.

  3. Gareth says:

    This wasn’t a bad episode, to be fair. I was moderately entertained and nothing horribly irritated me, beyond Mikey’s schtick. I know the 87 Mikey was kinda a lazy beach bum, but I kinda feel that even he wouldn’t stop in the middle of a rescue mission to try and acquire food for himself. I could be wrong though.

    Metalhead has never really held much appeal to me. I’ve never been sold on the concept that he’s a worthwhile character to have around, and this episode didn’t change that. If it accomplished anything I suppose it could serve as a decent exit for this character.

    The idea of the Kraang capturing mutants, while hardly new and original, was still exciting to see onscreen. The team-up with the Turtles and the mutants against the Kraang was pretty strong too. It could have been a lot stronger, however, if some allusion to mutant disappearances had been made beforehand, and if the idea was just developed a little more and dwelt on a bit. Kinda odd that it was so inconsequential. Still no sign of Leatherhead, I notice.

  4. Garfield says:

    What I like about the Metalhead was how after his debut episode, he become a subtle part of their family…he’s just sort of there helping out, whether he was helping Don in his lab, assisting splinter and April or just watching television with the turtles. They don’t put heavy emphasis on his existence. But I like to think that over time he built something of a personality which influenced his actions in this episode. It would be very faint character development for the people paying extra attention…or maybe I’m just seeing things that aren’t actually there.

    Over all I like the episode. I like the Metalhead character and he got to be great throughout it.

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