Saturday Fan Works Recommendation and Discussion Thread

What the title says: use the comment thread to share TMNT (2003) or Gargoyles-related fan works which you think are worth sharing, whether it be yours or another person’s.

The Rules:

  1. Make sure to properly credit the people involved in the creation of said fan work.
  2. Please note any worthwhile elements, so that we may know what we’re getting into beforehand.   Triggering, excessively violent or Not Safe For Work material should not come as a surprise.

My recs below the cut.

First, this awesome TMNT video by Yoraee , editing (or really, performing magic on) footage from “Same as it Never Was” to make it into a version of Attack On Titan‘ opening. (Content Note: Animated Blood)

Now, Yoraee has always had a way of making what she does look easy, and I could recommend any of her vids.  This one is simply the latest, and given what she’s drawing from, oh so good.

Second, “Rhapsody”, by occasional commenter GregXB, is a story set fifty years in the series’ future, as  the Manhattan Clan and Demona battle on the eve of the United Nations’ vote to set policy on gargoyle-kind.  I like it because it feels like the sort of story that could really be canonical.  It’s not the best-written thing in the world–it kind of reminds me of Roger Stern’s Spider-Man–the ideas and character bits really sell.  (Content Note: Character deaths.)

How about y’all?


5 Responses to Saturday Fan Works Recommendation and Discussion Thread

  1. GregXB says:

    Being compared to Roger Stern is high praise as far as I’m concerned. Big fan of the guy.

  2. Ian says:

    I’m glad you think so, cause that was the intent. There’s a certain stiffness to his writing and dialogue which would make him utterly inappropriate when it comes to writing, say, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he understands plotting, world-building, pacing and character development, which helps make his work super-enjoyable in spite of it.

  3. Loudo says:

    I’m a sucker for fanfictions. These are some fics that positively impressed me and I feel like recommending.


    Picking Up the Pieces by Sanru
    This is a fun one. After being subjected to experiments by an evil scientist, Donatello forgets everything, including how to speak and understand English. The story is told by his (hilariously sarcastic) point of view. Beware it’s long, very long. In fact, that’s my main criticism, I think it’s too long, it can drag a little sometimes.

    Illusion by Ninjalara
    Donatello is injected with some mysterious substance by Chaplin and it starts to have dreams about himself as a human, until he’s not sure anymore if the real dream is the one in which he is a turtle or a human.
    I think this one is pretty clever. I could totally emphasize with Donatello’s dilemma, because on one hand I wanted the “turtle” universe to be the real one, on the other the “human” universe just made much more sense.

    Irreplaceable by Donny’s Boy
    This is actually set in the movieverse, not the 2003 toon canon. I can’t really tell much about it without spoiling the story, but let’s just say it’s an angsty/comfort story. The ending took me by surprise.

    (And yes, you can probably tell what my favorite turtle is. XD)


    Traitors and Spies by probablyquantum
    A gay romance between a human and a gargoyle, both original characters. The story takes a lot of liberties with the canon (the most obvious example being that it adds a new gargoyle character that is supposed to have been there from the beginning), so it could annoy the most hardcore Gargoyles fans. But I really like the story and the characters.

  4. Loudo says:

    Oh, I almost forgot. For the fanvideos, Raziel‘s channel has a lot of pearls.

    Notable ones:
    – Lexington’s angst:
    – Team Gargoyles (Teen Titans opening song featuring the gargoyles):
    – Lexington as the Last Airbender:
    – Demona/Brooklyn slash short music video:

  5. Ian says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Loudo! I’ll be giving them a look-see.

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