Wherein I answer “TMNT 2003″‘s Questionaire

So I ran into this questionnaire yesterday, originally posted by TMNT2003‘s Tortuga Me Gusta Tumblr, and I figured I’d answer it.  Questions are in blockquotes, answers in between.

Your favorite season and why.

Season 4: The culmination of three seasons of growth. The characters and relationships have been established, the writers have broken free of the more limiting S&P restrictions, and we’re allowed to see what they really can do.

Your LEAST favorite season and why.

Season 7: Yes, it was clear that it was rushed as hell, and that they had a budget that made shoestrings seem like an extravagant expenditure. Still, there were lots of interesting things that could be have been done, and the series attempted like one of them.

List three things the series could’ve improved upon.

  • More diversity, particularly when it comes to gender and sexuality.
  • Better ways of dealing with the restrictions imposed by S&P, particularly in the first two seasons.
  • Better production values in general, particularly in seasons 4-7.

If you could only change one thing about the series, what would it be?

One change? Make April a Woman of Color, in line with her depiction for most of the first volume of Mirage.

Something you really wanted to see happen.

Shadow Jones. She’s the one big missing thing from the Mirage comics.

Your opinion on the Shredder being an Utrom.  Like it?  Hate it?

After an iffy introduction to the concept, they made it work. Plus, it allowed for Return to New York, which by itself is enough to make it worth it.

Do you think Karai had a satisfactory character arc?  If not, how could this have been improved?

Yes, if mostly by accident. Still, some focus on Season 7 to show how she goes from “uneasy ally” to someone who gets invited to April and Casey’s wedding would have been much appreciated.

What about Hun?

Yes. Smart, motivated thug goes from the streets to creating his own empire, and ending up as a mutant? No complaints.

Bishop?  Specifically, do you agree that he was properly justified in his anti-alien efforts?  Was his Heel Face Turn appropriate?

Yes and yes. While the execution of his shift and his usage in Season 6 were ultimately rather clumsy, I think that his pragmatist nature made that choice extremely natural.

How do you feel about Michelangelo’s development?  Anything to improve?

It could have been better, but it’s nowhere near as bad as  some people say.


Insofar as he had one, it was alright.


Ditto. I tend to see the turtles as character in the vein of the Cowboy Bebop or Scooby-Doo cast. We’re not there to see them grow and change as much as to interact with weird happenings and a dynamic supporting cast.

Leo’s?  Too much focus?

Liked it, and no. He’s my favorite version of my favorite turtle.

In reference to other April incarnations, do you feel she was properly portrayed here?  Was there anything you would change about her?

Yes, although as always, there’s room for improvement. In addition to being made into a woman of color, I would have really appreciated more thought and focus to have been placed on her relationship with her family, given that that’s what the show is largely about. More focus in general would have been appreciated.

How would you have incorporated more female characters into the series?

Mandating that new-to-the-show characters be genderless during conception and development, with gender only being determined afterwards via dice. Chaplin needn’t have been cisgendered or male. Cody needn’t have been cisgendered or male. Hun didn’t need to be cisgendered or male. Touch and Go didn’t need to be cisgendered male. Heck, Bishop didn’t necessarily have to be cisgendered or male, even given his past.

Do you feel the Ninja Tribunal arc was necessary and/or that it made sense?

Did it make sense as a story? Yes. Did it make sense as a direction? As much sense as any other story. Was it necessary? Not really. Still, as botched as the execution was (after an excellent lead-up to it), I’m glad it was attempted, because I have a fondness for the various characters and concepts introduced.

Your opinion on Cody Jones.  Did he add anything to the series or should he have been scrapped?

Cody, I liked fine, at least in theory. He wasn’t a favorite, but there wasn’t anything especially objectionable to him either.  Could he have been done better?  Sure.  But not scrapped: if the world of Fast Forward is to have any meaning as The Future not just another “not home” like D’hoonib, then he needs to be there, not only to allow them the mobility that they’d been previously denied, but also to show that the turtles’ efforts to save the world ultimately do help.

Lastly, if the series were revisited, would you want to pick up right where BTTS ended or some years into the future, when the turtles are older?

Personally, I’d like the story to re-begin after Turtles Forever, since the movie left various characters in a very interesting place.  That said, I think the writers would have an easier time with the X-years later setting, should the series be resurrected.  Plus, Shadow.

BONUS: Are you as pissed as me that there’s no DVD box set yet?



How about y’all?


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