Guys! Guys! Look look look look!

After two months, it’s finally here!


Note:  Tumblr link , for anyone who wants to share.

Design: Ian Pérez (that’d be me) and MadSeason, with additional guidance from Kahaeli.

Art: Madseason

Context!:  As much as I like the character of Renet, I’ve never really been satisfied with the way she’s looked in the comics.  It’s a very Kirby design for a character that isn’t very Kirbyesque, and between the headdress and the clocks and the cleavage, it’s always felt like far too much.  It doesn’t help that the character appeared to have been designed as a bit of a sexpot (the cleavage again, and the fur bikini during her second appearance) and yet was constantly drawn by artists who, shall we say, are not are their best drawing attractive ladies.

(Except for Michael Dooney, of course.)

So, for the longest time, I’d been trying to figure out what sort of outfit someone like Renet would wear, particularly since I tend to see her as someone in the Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp from Marvel Comics) Kinetix (from the Legion of Super-Heroes) mold–someone who would constantly be changing her look depending on whim and circumstance.

My first idea was based on the concept of her as a space cop–something a bit Jill Valentine–which didn’t go much of anywhere and never seemed quite right.  Later, I started thinking of her Time Scepter and her flightiness, and realized who she reminded me of: Sailor Moon.   Renet is totally the TMNT’s Magical Girl archetype.

And yet, that realization didn’t help as much as I had hoped it would, particularly since anything too close to Naoko Takeuchi’s iconic designs would feel too transparently derivative, and I didn’t know enough about the genre to draw inspiration from anywhere else (although I’m sure Madoka Magica‘s Mami Tomoe had more than a bit to do with Renet’s pillbox hat).   In any case, it allowed me to come to my next realization, which is that I wanted something that could conceivably be seen as “normal” clothes, but would feel distinctly hers.

And so I turned to Renet’s other spiritual parent: Doctor Who.  With that in mind, and a specific type of clothing in mind–60’s mod fashion–I had a basic skeleton with which to work with–Renet: Flight Attendant Through Space and Time.  And now, thanks to MadSeason’s awesome art skills and patient guidance (as well as patient patience) it’s finally here, and I’m pleased as punch.


And a revised version, without that coloring error at the bottom of Renet’s legs.

Renet (2)


5 Responses to Guys! Guys! Look look look look!

  1. Derek says:

    When I first saw the design, I liked it. Then I saw the sceptre–which looks really good! I like that Renet is carrying a huge staff that can serve as a versatile weapon: for shielding, for jabbing, it is effective and I would love to see her use in combat. With Doctor Who having made this tremendous come-back, this design makes a subtle allusion without being cliche. I do wonder, if Renet now has this very ’60s look, how Lord Simultaneous would look?

  2. Ian says:

    Hello, Derek.

    While the idea of the Time Scepter as Renet’s version of the turtles’ weapons has occurred to me–and I do admit, this version looks like it could do some damage–I’m not actually a terribly big fan of it, particularly given this version of the characters’ particular sources of inspiration. The Doctor has often shunned direct physical combat, and magical girls tend to rely more on, well, magic. Physical combat would be left up to Renet’s companion Shadow Jones.

    (Yes, I have stories in mind. : ) )

    This isn’t to say, however, that others can’t re-conceptualize it as a weapon if they so wish. If fan-art depicting her using it in the manner you suggest ever surfaces, I won’t complain.

    I have not given any particular thought to redesigning Lord Simultaneous. He, at least, always felt perfectly at home in Kirby garb, and Renet’s outfit wasn’t intended to be representative of the rest of Null Space. That said, It’s a fun idea, and one I’ll be giving some thought. : ) Is there anything that occurs to you?

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