TMNT (2012) New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

So, after two relatively enjoyable episodes with little to make my blood boil, it looks like this episode will be the one to break the streak.  I mean, what.

Oh boy.  Post your thoughts, positive, negative, or meta-filled in the comments.


3 Responses to TMNT (2012) New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

  1. Ian says:

    I suppose there was no coming back from that preview scene. Once you establish that your premise involves a character willfully ignoring everything he’s learned about a highly dangerous and unstable substance and decides that hey, dabbing some on himself sounds like a capital idea, you need fucking miracle to make it work. This show, unfortunately, doesn’t dabble in those, so the episode turned out to be as good as one could expect. By which I mean bad.

    I mean, What. The. Fuck.

    Last episode featured the Mutagen Man, right? The guy who wanted to become a superhero so bad he drenched himself in mutagen and turned into a blob of blob? How the hell did Mikey think his attempt would be any different?

    I’m actually pissed that the ooze had such a relatively benign (and easily reversible) effect. While that was inevitable, the premise is SO FUCKING STUPID that I wanted him to pay for it.

    I could handle a Michelangelo that isn’t bright, or naive, or isn’t neurotypical. There are stories worth telling with characters like that. But it’s important, when attempting to writing them, to be consistent. But no, alongside episodes like this, we have episodes like the one with Leatherhead or “Parasitica”, which show that Mikey can actually, at times, be not a waste of oxygen. But then we have episodes like this one, which undermine it all.

    And it’s not just that Mikey is dim. It’s that he has no respect for other people’s boundaries, or property. That he doesn’t care about who he hurts. That he believes pranks are an acceptable form of expression. He is actively a liability. While the other turtles are guilty of some of those at times, those qualities are concentrated to such a degree in Michelangelo that I wouldn’t mind if he died. Seriously, it would only improve the show.

    As for non-Michelangelo related things:

    * I actually liked the way Bradford / Dogpound / Rahzar was used here. While I wish the stated reasons for him wanting to go back didn’t boil down to “I’m so clumsy”–which hasn’t really been in evidence unless it’s to make a note of it, and is once again an example of characters refusing to display signs of a life outside what is shown on screen–I liked that he displayed initiative in trying to restore himself.

    * Still, it does not bode well that he’s getting an upgrade this early in the game, or that it automagically made him forget about changing back.

    * Given how much Mutagen Baxter had on him, I can’t help but conclude that he’s been about as successful in retrieving the scattered mutagen as the turtles have been. This does not reflect well on the turtles.

    * Also, the little details about Baxter shown in this episode, it seems like the billboard that was seen a couple of episodes ago advertising his company didn’t actually mean anything. A Baxter who is advertising is not likely to be one that needs to be tracked down by scent, or one that needs to scavenge materials.

    * And now he’s back with the Shredder, and with something to keep him in line. Shades of the 2003 toon.

    * Okay, so just what exactly differentiated the “molecular centrifuge” from a regular ol’ adjectiveless centrifuge? The fact that Donnie didn’t have one? As macguffins go, it was particularly baffling, as we’ve seen that Don has the equipment in Parasitica, and it made little sense for Baxter to drop everything but it as he was being kidnapped.

  2. DarthEmpress says:

    I think what made this episode even more wtf and pointless was that, in the end, the brothers still don’t give a crap about Mikey. I know Raph was all “stay away from my brother” but he does that all the time and it’s getting to the point where I feel like the writers just stick stuff in there to compensate for Raph being a dick. Leo and Donnie didn’t seem to bat an eye about the fact that their little bro might explode. They were just like “oh yeah we better find a cure” and that was it…even Splinter showed very little concern. He just does what he usually does, stand around in the background dispensing “wisdom” and saying shit like he doesn’t let his appearance bother him…

    Bradford all of a sudden hating his mutation was so out of left field. Didn’t he previously say he loved his new form because it was powerful? Oh well.

  3. Pterobat says:

    Oh Jimminy Cricket, this A-Plot was sooo nauseating. Ick, ick, ick.

    Yes, Nicktoons Michelangelo is a terrible character . He is just far too stupid to be cute, charming, or funny. Even so, this episode takes home the grand prize for Nicktoons Mikey stupidity. It’s not like he even needed to be the catalyst: he could have had some other infection from some other plot device and not…argh.

    The B-Plot was slightly better, and at least didn’t leave me feeling sick. Dogpound’s transformation angst just came out of nowhere, when it could easily have been built up during the previous episodes, and is one of the laziest kinds of serialized storytelling: inventing a character trait just so the plot can happen.

    I did think that being excited over his new form, and that being the cure for his doldrums, was a nice twist, even though it means the plot thread is over (surprise!), and Mutagen is even further cemented as doing anything the plot needs it to.

    And I hate to say it, but Rahzar looks really really cool. Like he should be talking to Donnie Darko through a mirror.

    Michelangelo, however, simply knocking him into the tank of Mutagen, was extremely cold-blooded, even though Mikey was scared at the time. I would’ve expected a heroic character to at least try to pull him up, especially since Mikey is the “heart” of the Turtles, allegedly. Sort of.

    I was surprised to see Baxter Stockman again, but it’s a good surprise. He’s still funny and entertaining, though lacks a real sense of self-destruction, which prevents me from enjoying him as much as some other incarnations. I was disappointed that the billboard thing didn’t mean anything at all.

    The number on his model sheet suggests it’s not till halfway through the season that he’ll get Brundelized, but hopefully something interesting will be done with Baxter before that and afterwards. Like I’ve said, being turned into a fly isn’t inherently interesting or essential to his character, so I’m not excited about the transformation itself, but where it might go.

    The foreshadowing here was painfully transparent, though.

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