New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

Casey Jones!  Finally, somebody for April to interact with that isn’t the Tortuga Bros or her dad!  Will it make an actual difference?  Let’s find out!

Also, Mutagen Man.

As always, post your comments on this latest episode below.


5 Responses to New Episode Open Thread (Spoilers)

  1. Ian says:

    So we finally meet Casey, and my verdict so far is…well, he’s better than all of the other turtles. It’s astounding how a character who’s meant to be a douche seems less so than characters who aren’t (ETA: although I’m not overlooking how he essentially coerced that “date” out of April). Progress, of sorts.

    Random thoughts:

    * Hey, it’s Snakeweed, SpyderBytez, Justin, Mutagen Man! Still don’t care.

    * So we get a new parody show, and one that doesn’t erase the source’s progressiveness: good. It’s used in the same way Space Heroes was used, even recycling jokes: bad.

    * The series is doing considerably better with adding the extras, which I appreciate.

    * And we’ve finally got an answer to a question that only I care about, as the show more or less confirms that they can’t use real guns. If this were a better show, I’d be bothered more. In any case, I like the scene with the police officers–any sign that stuff doesn’t affect only the characters we know is a good thing.

    * Given how often it’s overshadowed by other stuff, I sometimes forget that this show has style. From an animation standpoint, it’s really quite impressive, and this episode featured several highlights.

    * As always, I really wish this episode had provided us with a more concrete idea of just what April’s status quo is. Does her aunt know her dad is missing again? Is she trying to pretend that everything’s fine? What is she doing for money and food? Important questions, and ones whose answers we don’t know, because the show never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to answer them.

    * Also never missed: an opportunity to show us how they think Don’s Nice Guy (TM) behavior–taken to new heights here–is actually supposed to be sympathetic. The occasional comments by other characters–here, Mikey and Splinter–never fail to ring hollow, much like how we’re never meant to take the turtles’ screw-ups seriously. Why else was there that last scene of generic anime there, except to show that, yes, there’s still hope that Don will get his waifu?


    * Something that pleasantly surprised me was the fact that April remained antagonistic towards the turtles by the time the episode ended. Granted, this was the natural character choice, but I’d expected the writers to have her go through an “epiphany” and have her forgive the turtles in time for a return to the status quo. Instead, her anger was treated as legitimate, which I liked. Now, if only the turtles would actually go and feel contrition…

  2. DarthEmpress says:

    I was so surprised and happy when Splinter and Mikey actually acknowledged Donnie’s obsession with April as being creepy…but that part at the end just made me lose faith in the writers all over again. So now we’re going to having Donnie hoping April will “come back to him” (he made a comment earlier in the episode that he wanted to “win her back” and it’s like, boy, you never had her) instead of moving on and learning that it’s important to respect when others don’t feel the same way.

    Casey Jones was the highlight of the episode, and I loved his interactions with April. She actually seemed to genuinely like him, smiling and planning another study “date.” I really liked the part when they fought Mutagen Man together. They seem to really click, and it was nice to see April interacting with someone other than the turtles.

    I did not, however, like that April became another object of a guy’s obsession. I had a feeling Timothy would end up “crushing” on April or something similar like that. i feel bad for the girl, having all this unwanted attention from mutants. I hope the writers take a clue and actually play up her frustrations consistently. I was very happy that she stayed mad at the turtles because her getting over her anger just in her second appearance would’ve been unbelievable.

    However, we didn’t get to see Leo’s reaction to Splinter telling him Karai is his daughter. I wonder if this episode is out of order like the last two were?

  3. Ian says:

    Sadly, I don’t think order has anything to do with the lack of fallout for the reveal; I don’t think we’ll see it brought up until Karai appears again, when by all rights we should have seen the fallout in the squirrel episode (a.k.a. episode 2.03) at the latest. It’s par for the course for the series–remember how the first half of Rise of the Turtles has Mikey go “MOM?!” at seeing the mutagen canister, only for it not to come up again in the second half?–but it never stops being disappointing, because seeing those immediate reactions matters.

    Re: Mutagen Man and April: Ditto. It’s funny: I wasn’t all too happy when it seemed like Tim was capturing April for Don–the guy is already a somewhat offensive stereotype of geeks without him also having misogynistic tendencies–so I like that there was some sort of swerve. I think it could have still worked, if, for example, he’d decided that April needed protecting from the turtles after they’d arguably destroyed both their lives. While not actually true–especially in Timothy’s case–it would have added some nice shades to the whole plot. Heck, as far as I know, that might be what they were going for–I only understood like half of what Timothy said.

  4. Isaac says:

    Casey as a teenager just did not click for me. April as a teen worked fine as far as I’m concerned, but Casey always felt like a character that didn’t need much done to him. He’s a nusto vigilante in a hockey mask. Really, what more do you need to do with that?

    Otherwise, other people have largely covered my feelings about this episode above.

  5. Pterobat says:

    This was actually the most enjoyable episode I’ve seen in a while, in that it was actually fun to watch instead of a slow slog. I mean, I wish I liked this show as much as everyone else, but it doesn’t click with me….

    Anyway, yes, teen Casey Jones is a fun character. He was a little obnoxious at first, but turned out to be good-hearted and just…his acting and his mannerisms were great. Really brings the character alive. Between him and Karai, it’s starting to seem like later additions to the cast make for better characters, at least to me.

    Last time I mentioned the show’s tendency to leave plot threads hanging, and here it’s a mix of good and bad. STILL no fallout from Leonardo being told Karai is his sister, and while Donatello’s crush on April is creepy and disturbing, it hasn’t been a plot point for a large number of episodes, so bringing it back feels out of the blue.

    On the other hand, they’re keeping up April’s resentment of the Turtles, and Mutagen Man’s story. Both of these plotlines stared out in goofy, haphazard ways, and I can’t quite forget that, but at least they are going along at a reasonable clip. Mutagen Man is pretty unsettling, and I actually did feel sorry for him and Donnie both.

    And at the same time, Mutagen Man turning out to be not so innocently pursuing April was a neat twist, and something I wish the writers would have followed through on. Schooling Donatello on his creepiness wouldn’t have been outside the scope of the show, and this episode was heading that way, only to pull back at the last few moments and making what calling-out there was to be totally pointless.

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