Open Thread: Casting

So in the past week, I wrote on Tumblr how my ideal TMNT film would feature Annie Illonzeh (Arrow, Switched at Birth, Charlie’s Angels [2012]) as April O’Neil.

Annie Illonzeh

If you had absolute casting power when it came to either a TMNT or Gargoyles production, who would you choose?  Note that actors don’t have to be currently alive or active–you can, for example, suggest “Lucy Lawless circa season 1 Xena“.

(Note: Although open threads often feature icebreaker questions, they are designed to allow discussion on a wide variety of topics, so deviation from the original prompt is both allowed and encouraged.  As always, please remember to mind the comment policy.)


4 Responses to Open Thread: Casting

  1. Loudo says:

    She looks great for Mirage April!
    But I’m so used to 4kids April that I can’t help but think of her as a redhair. I’d probably choose Debra Messing.

  2. I honestly never watched TMNT, but when it comes to Gargoyles, I would think that the task of casting would be an immense challenge. However, last month I stumbled onto someone else’s blog from 2010 about exactly this topic. I wrote up an entry about my thoughts on their choices (most of which I agreed with) here:

  3. Ian says:

    @Loudo I’ve never seen Debra Messing in anything before Will & Grace, so I’ve never really considered her for the role of the usually twenty-something April, but yeah, I could totally see her pulling it off.

    @RobinChristine: I’ve seen that cast list before and it is major impressive. Like you, I’m especially enamored of Brian Cox as Hudson, since I recently fell in love again with his turn as Jack Langrishe on Deadwood. And as much as I dislike Seth Rogen, I agree that he’d likely make a very good Broadway.

    That said, while I agree that Rosario Dawson could make a very good Elisa, my personal preference towards casting second-generation Mazas would be to pick actual Black Native actors (and should none be found for Elisa, I’d prefer Native actresses over African American ones, given the smaller number of available non-stereotypical roles for them). Unfortunately, none come easily to mind. : (

    As for Demona, I’m conflicted. As physical as the role is, and as physically young as the character is, my I also feel that she’d be better served by an older actress. Currently, my personal choices for her are the fifty-eight year old Lena Olin or the forty-one year old Molly Parker (Deadwood).

    Finally as much as lurve Alona Tal, and think she’d make a good Finella, I really don’t think she fits as Robyn. My personal choice: Chloë Sevigny, who did very well playing the amoral and conflicted Nicky Grant on Big Love

    And yes, Neal Patrick Harris was born to play Puck.

  4. Derek says:

    Late commenting–but yes, NPH as Puck is awesome.

    I don’t think enough about live action adaptations, still focusing on what a dream cast for any cartoon would have. Related to TMNT, actually thinking about the Nickelodeon series and Casey Jones’s upcoming appearance, I am curious who they are casting. It’s cliche, but with Mae Whitman as April, I keep wanting Dante Basco as Casey. Similar to Ian’s points here and in the past about April’s race in the earliest Mirage issues, I would like to see more diversity in the TMNT, and seeing Casey as Filipino American would be great, especially to see what additional range Basco has (Jake Long can be hard to sit through, Basco’s Iroh II sounds exactly like Zuko [a matter of familial relations, of course], but put those three characters together, and that mix of silliness, courage, and of course HONOR! seem like the traits Casey should embody).

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