If you’re looking for my thoughts on “The Pulverizer”…

You can find them here–check the tags.  I don’t feel like writing anything more substantial at the moment when I’m already super-behind on everything else and really didn’t care for it at all.  If you don’t want to click the link, this pic pretty much captures my thoughts on it.

TMNTA Vol. 2 Screenshot A

If you want to talk about the episode in the comments, though, please be my guest.


6 Responses to If you’re looking for my thoughts on “The Pulverizer”…

  1. Scott says:

    Indeed, I thought this was a terrible episode. There were a few, fun comedic beats, but overall….what was the point? Almost seemed like they needed a filler plot to fill up a 22 minute episode other than showcasing the Shellraiser and that Fishface now has his legs.

    I actually have enjoyed every episode of Nick TMNT to some degree until this one. The character introduced was as awful as the premise sounded and he ultimately added very little.

    Makes me wish this episode introduced Casey Jones instead.

  2. Derek says:

    I agree with Scott: funny, but so far not moving the plot forward. Abbreviating my thoughts from elsewhere: http://tmntforever.tumblr.com/post/43233302969/review-the-pulverizer

    So the child of Jack Black and Andy Dwyer became a Ninja Turtle?

    Removing Donatello from the Stockman fight felt like a way to prolong the brothers’ fight against Fishface’s new tech, but at least that turtle gets to do something other than be tech guy or April guy: he tries to show the Pulverizer the moves, and as many fans and even writers have posited, Donatello seems to be as much like Michelangelo in wanting to be part of human society, so I liked that part of the plot. I have not had confidence with this show having character development stick, a problem in the archetypal nature of all four turtles but I thought handled better in the 2003 series and even the three films. Any chance that this aspect of Donatello could persist?

    And hey, the Shellraiser! Flying Kraang! Toyetic!

    Does Transformers/Teen Titans’ character designer Derek Wyatt work on the show? The pharmacy had D. Wyatt on it.

  3. Derek says:

    Correction: This episode did give us Fishface’s legs, the Kraang acquired the power cell (…which the Turtles already did so much work to protect…), so there was plot forward movement.

  4. Loudo says:

    To be honest, while I continue to dislike this version of TMNT, I was thrilled by the amount of references to past episodes in this one. It gave me some tiny hope for the future.
    But really, I’m starting to think that the main problem with this series isn’t the lack of plot, but rather the lack of sentiment. This episode should have been very engaging: a young boy wants to be a hero, the turtles establish a contact with another human besides April, Raph almost dies… Yet, I didn’t feel anything.

  5. Ian says:

    Hey! Comments!

    Scott: While the Pulverizer A-Plot wasn’t executed in a way that implied any significance, I feel the concept at least had potential. It’s not the sort of story I would have attempted this early in the series’ lifespan, but I’ve always felt that placing the turtles in the position of teaching someone else has always been a rather natural story to tell with them. Unfortunately, instead of a character, they had to get the broadest stereotype of a loser, and instead of dealing with the implications of realizing they’d had a larger effect than they’d thought, that whole idea is left unexplored. Disappointing all around.

    Derek: I read your breakdown and quite liked it. Given how often I have trouble finding nuance in the writing, seeing fans break it down helps me appreciate the work more, so thank you.

    Loudo: This sounds about right. There seems to be a certain reluctance from the part of the writers to deal with emotions that can’t be expressed in a Tumblr GIF. Heck, it’s been that way since the pilot, where the “mom” cliffhanger was left all but abandoned by the time the show came back from its commercial break.

    It’s weird, though. We know from Teen Titans that Nieli can work in shows that manage to balance humor with genuine emotional heft. Why can’t this show?

  6. epicurealis says:

    I think everyone is being too hard on this episode.

    I thought the Pulverizer was good enough character, plotwise. At the very least, He’ll provide contrast to Casey Jones as a more competent vigilante when the turtles finally meet him, he DID say that he’d practice more before attempting heroism again, and it’s nice to see the turtles plant some good seeds as well as some bad ones. They’ve introduced the Foot to Krang tech, Stockman to the Foot, and created most of their enemies through bad decisions. If Mikey was able to make an ally out of Leatherhead with some compassion, maybe Donny made a decent ally out of the Pulverizer by showing him that he needed the basics. I mean, they’ve got a lot of enemies, and their only allies so far are April and Leatherhead(-ish).

    That’s another thing I liked about this episode. In much the same way that “New Friend, Old Enemy” is a subtle warning to kids against reckless behavior online, I thought this was a nice way to remind them why the turtles could do what they do when they’re just teenagers (they train constantly, as in they don’t even go to school, they just train), and to show them the importance of the basics in any subject (even if it’s dull), in mastering anything.

    I WAS confused when Leo told Donnie to ‘fix’ the Shellraiser when the writers didn’t really show it getting broken, but it was probably for the best that it was Donny who had to remain with the Pulverizer. Raph would have killed him in the next 5 minutes, and Mikey’s attention span was too short to teach him anything.

    And I agree that the show is either still feeling its way around emotional depth, or it’s being VERY subtle about it. It may stem from a fear of taking itself too seriously (given its outlandish premise, its easy to see why), but whatever the case, they should really look into that. the facial expressions of the turtles are really well done, though.

    All in all, ‘The Pulverizer’ isn’t my favorite episode, but I don’t think it’s the worst.

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