Plug: My review for “TMNT Adventures” Volume 2

If it sometimes seems like new posts are slow in coming, it’s because I currently have a bunch of stuff on my plate.  Not only am I working and might get a second job, I am also now writing reviews of comic book trade paperbacks  for the Trade Paperback Reading Order, which, given me, is a rather time consuming endeavor.

Sometimes, though, that bit of business happens to be relevant to the interests of this blog.  For example, my latest review, of the second volume of IDW’s Archie comics collections.

With the Ninja Turtles currently undergoing yet another renaissance, it’s nice to revisit its past to see what one can learn from it.  Recently, I’ve realized that a huge part of what makes the TMNT work for me is the weirdness, a love for Concepts That Make You Go “!” and makes the works interesting even when the stories aren’t  terribly good.  On those terms, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures: Volume 2 succeeds admirably: not only does it feature solid stories, it stands as a testament of the wide variety of stories that can be told with these characters.

Go give it a look-see!

(ETA: I forgot to actually include the link, didn’t I?  Here you go.)


One Response to Plug: My review for “TMNT Adventures” Volume 2

  1. Pterobat says:

    Very nice.

    I’ve finished re-reading the main run of the Archie comic (sadly, most of the specials seem to be beyond torrents to collect) and was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s nothing that will set the world on fire, but has fun ideas and flows at a comfortable pace, and of course pushes the envelope from time to time.

    The environmentalism does get on my nerves, but I manage to look past that. It’s also interesting to see their takes on the major Fred Wolf villains before the series sheds them.

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