Oh, my! ^_^!

So I was looking at the visitor breakdown yesterday, as I do, and I noticed something unusual–people being referred to the blog from places unknown.  So after checking things out, I noticed the following:

Tumblr 2


Tumblr 01


Okay, so it’s not exactly setting anything on fire*.  Still! Exposure!  From total strangers!  Calling me fascinating!

So thanks a whole lot, people behind TMNT Forever and Olivia (ETA: and Darth Empress) and all the other Tumblrverse inhabitants who’ve followed them here and liked what they saw and those who followed them here and didn’t!  Come chat!  Comment**!  Let’s make this the awesome space I know it can be!  Exclamation points!

* Fire good!

** After reading the Comment Policy!, please!


2 Responses to Oh, my! ^_^!

  1. Derek says:


    Happy to have sent you traffic, and happy to have the site TMNT Forever advertised—thanks! I have found that Tumblr has been great in spreading information, and it was encouraging to see other people online re-blog my post out of interest in gender portrayals in TMNT.

    I have appreciated your insights here and at the Technodrome Forums. Your analysis of plot and characterization in the 2012 Nickelodeon cartoon has provided help in how to approach literary studies, and your analysis of Donatello and Karai has helped me to re-consider some ideas I am developing in upcoming articles I’m writing in gender studies. Especially helpful have been your arguments about the “nice guy” and the “strong woman.” Keep up the good work!

  2. Ian says:

    *Beams* Thank you very much, Derek for your encouragement and kind words! : ) I’m really glad that you have found my posts helpful. I’m especially glad that my contributions to The Technodrome are appreciated by someone: it can be a very trying place sometimes, to the point when nowadays I’m often just tempted to say “fuck ’em all” and leave the place forever. You’ve restored a bit of my faith that it can be made better, so thank you. Don’t be a stranger!

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