Open Thread: Crossovers!

This might be jumping the gun a bit (Me?  Never!) but since I seem to have finally gotten something of a regular audience for this blog, and even a number of regular commenters (hi!), I think there’s a chance for this not to be completely neglected like a penny on the street on a rainy day.  An open thread, as the title suggests, is a post that is mostly there to allow conversation between commenters.  It may be either completely open, or be based around an ice-breaker question from which the conversation then flows.

This entire site is based on the conceit that the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gargoyles have so many elements in common that a crossover with them could occur fairly seamlessly, with a minimum of weird tone disparities or contradictory elements, while having enough differences to allow such a story to say something about both of them that could not otherwise be said.  What other stories do you like to see TMNT or Gargoyles get crossed over with, and why?

Please keep in mind the comment policy, especially the part about not auditing people’s preferences.


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