TMNT (2012): “It Came From The Depths” (Spoilers)

Now this is more like it.  After a series of what I thought were rather lackluster episodes, this one is rather alright, and if it weren’t for the usual stuff–the turtles are mean to the point of unlikeability, Michelangelo is capital-S not smart–it could have been excellent.  The central conflict is a rather good one, there’s progress in the Kraang story, we finally see Splinter kick some ass, and we finally get proof that April is not the only woman living in New York (*).  I really hope next episode is disconnected from either of the overarching plots, since the series works better for me when focusing on the less-important villains.

(*) Not that this means I’m ready to give the series any sort of cookies.  All this means is that they’ve finally done the absolute minimum when it comes to representing women, which is nothing to celebrate.


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