Everything is Different Now (Blog Note)

Since I finally seem to have managed obtaining a steady trickle of comments, I feel it’s as good a time to introduce a comment policy, before I have to step in and actually have to deal with sort of stuff I created this space to avoid.  You can find it here.

The intention here isn’t to needlessly censor or to act as draconian overlord, as fun as at that sounds (not really). It’s simply that there’s certain language I don’t want in my blog, because it’s offensive, and it drives  away people who might otherwise have interesting things to say and don’t have a place to say it.

None of this should be taken to mean that I intend to run this blog as a safe space, as I have neither the knowledge or energy necessary to make such a thing happen.  I just wish to make it not suck for as many people as possible (more than it already not sucks, anyway).

Also, please note that as the product of  a flawed human being, it is completely possible for these guidelines to be incomplete, problematic, and/or counterproductive.  They will be continuously ammended as time goes one, and I will try and let y’all know when that happens.  Also, as a human being of many and varied flaws, there will be times when I myself don’t abide by these rules, and I will appreciate a made-in-good-faith heads up when that happens.

So yeah.  So far, the comments here so far have generably been great, and think the great majority of those who’ve posted will have little problem with the new rules; I really don’t think this will actually change much.  Still, I could be wrong, so we’ll see.


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