Screenshot Wednesday

So I’ve been busy.  I’m applying for both the JET Program and the Peace Corps, I’m doing some tutoring, spending a lot of time at my mom’s office as her assistant, and writing for both my other blog and NaNoWriMo.  So it’d be extremely accurate to say that I’ve been neglecting this poor blog o’ mine.

So!  In an attempt to get in *some* new content with some regularity, I’m going to be doing these: every Wednesday, I’ll upload a screenshot from either Gargoyles or TMNT that I particularly like.  Sometimes I’ll include an explanation, and sometimes I won’t.

So today I begin with this:

This picture is fun without context on its own, but what I find particularly interesting is that people making out is something of a rare thing in kids’ cartoons–or at the very least, they’re used on very specific occasions which makes this particular case…really weird.


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