Link: My review of “TMNT” (Vol. 6) #1

So, I have another blog. It’s supposed to be a general use thing, but it’s kinda evolving into the place where I review stuff, and among this week’s offering is my review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, which aims to create a new version of the turtles while retaining the feel of the original Mirage comics.

While the series tries to replicate the original comics’ tone, it’s clear that they’re not particularly trying to replicate its plot: one issue in, and there are already a ton of differences between this incarnation and the original, ranging from the merely aesthetic (the turtles have no tails; Splinter has gray fur) to details that place it right next to the first cartoon when it comes to actual faithfulness to the original story. The turles’ origin, in particular, appears to have been altered in almost every conceivable way. Instead of being pet turtles, they are turtles being used as part of particular genetic experiments at StockGen Research Inc.; instead of being named by Splinter after being mutated, they are named by April O’Neil while still in their non-mutated state; instead of being Hamato Yoshi’s pet rat nor Hamato Yoshi himself, Splinter is a lab rat being tested on as part of a different StockGen experiment.

Go check it out.


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