Leo’s Magic Sword

(Spoilers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 3 ahead)

Going through the Comics Should Be Good blog today, I ran into a recent article by Brian Cronin highlighting a particular artistic quirk in Frank Miller’s 80′ Daredevil comics: whenever assassin Elektra stabbed someone with her sai, the weapon would pierce the person’s body, and stretch, but not break, hir shirt.  Like so:

It’s been explained that the reason for this seeming implausibility is due to the fact that Miller had to comply with the company’s standards for acceptable violence, which stated that while people could be stabbed, no exit wounds could be visible.  Nevertheless, it’s a damn good visual, one that became a trademark for the character during that time.

Upon reading, the post, my mind, like it does, flashed back to the Ninja Turtles–specifically, the episode “The Darkness Within”, where we get a similar visual.

Grisly.  It’s rather unclear from a single picture, but that’s supposed to be Leo’s sword stabbing the hell out of Splinter, as a part of a series of nightmare sequences created by a nightmare creature, who let’s face it, is meant to be Cthulhu with its serial number filed off.  In any case, while one would not be wrong in assuming that the reason why Splinter’s kimono is sword-proof is due to standards and practices reasons, I wonder if it was also meant as a homage to Frank Miller and Daredevil.  It wouldn’t be the first time TMNT has done that.


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