Electric Boogaloo: Recap

In preparation for tomorrow’s (I hope) update on “Electric Boogaloo”, here’s a synopsis of what’s gone on so far.

The Story So Far

Over the past several years, the crime lord known as The Shredder has consolidated almost all organized crime in New York City under the control of his Foot Clan.

Twenty-oh-four: With the Shredder reportedly killed under mysterious circumstances and his 2nd in command Hun missing, the various elements of The Foot’s crime empire have begun fighting amongst themselves.  Thus far, three main factions have emerged: the Foot remnant, led by the Shredder’s Elite Ninja; the Purple Dragons, a street gang usually in charge of most of the Foot’s lower-level criminal activity; and The Five Families, a consortium of old-school gangsters that had been bought out by the Shredder, and who consider the current confusion to be their best chance at a comeback.

After a few skirmishes, the battle for control of the city finally grabbed the public’s attention when fifteen men were found dead at a Canal Street warehouse.  In response, the New York Police Department organized a special task force to deal with the escalating violence–one which, whether by design or happenstance, includes many of the same people who in 1996 formed part of the Gargoyle Task Force.

One of the people not in the Task Force is disgraced cop Longer, who relishes the opportunity to regain his lost reputation and honor.  To that point, he has begun investigating the strange going ons on his own, aiming to…what, exactly?

Thanks to a series of lucky accidents, the Task Force has been able to make some headway into the investigation, and they now have a vague idea of what they’re dealing with.  Meanwhile, task force members Martin Hacker and Lin Koyobashi have been making inroads of their own, and not quite of the positive type…

Dramatis Personae

The Detail:

Gordon Miller: Lieutenant assigned to head the detail by Chief of Detectives Sterns.  A pragmatist and realist, he has little hope of closing the case, but plans to do his damnedest.

Elisa Maza: Detective 1st Class assigned to the N.Y.P.D.’s 14th (Midtown South) Precinct.  Despite her solid chops, her numerous investigations by the Internal Affairs Department has not endeared her to the brass.

Cedric Harris: Detective 1st Class and Elisa’s long-time partner in the 14th Precinct.

Tri Chung: Detective 1st Class, and a would-be by-the-book cop.

Paul Whitmire: Detective 1st Class assigned to the 9th Precinct.  Miller’s former partner, it is this association that got him assigned to the detail.

Martin Hacker: F.B.I. Agent assigned to the gang war detail, who is also a member of the Illuminati Society.


Lin: A Japanese transfer to the N.Y.P.D., assigned to the detail due to the suspected involvement of Yakuza elements in the gang war.  Secretly a member of The Foot Clan, a fact only known by Martin Hacker.

Other police and lawmen:

Longer: A detective disgraced for his “overzealous” pursuit of corrupt arms dealer Ruffington.  Now working evidence control at One Police Plaza,  he  seeks to get back in the action by any means necessary.

Matt Bluestone: Inspector and head of the N.Y.P.D.’s Midtown South (14th) Precinct, where Elisa Maza and Cedric Harris work.  Member of the Illuminati.

The Five Families

Jack “Diamondback” Trent: Current boss of the Five Families.

Weasel: Diamondback’s consigliere, despite being disliked by almost everyone.

Tony Puzzorelli Sr.: Former head of the Puzzorelli crime syndicate, now one of Diamondback’s lieutenants.

Tony Puzzorelli Jr.: Tony Puzzorelli’s son, a reluctant gangster held in low esteem by his father.

Tony Dracon: Former head of the Dracon crime syndicate, now working for Diamondback.  Currently in hiding inside the Labyrinth.

Glasses: Tony Dracon’s best friend and former consigliere.  Currently in a coma due to injuries sustained during the Canal Street Massacre.

Pal Joey: Former member of the Dracon syndicate, now dead.


Mr. Touch and Mr. Go: A pair of super-powered assassins-for-hire wreaking havoc in the underworld scene.  Mr. Touch possesses super-strength, while Mr. Go possesses super-speed, which they access by coming into physical contact with one another.

Lauren Stanton: Crime Beat reporter for the Daily Globe, known for her investigative acumen and less-than-sparkling personality.

Gabrielle Puzzorelli: Tony Jr.’s wife.  The two have known each other since college.

Talon (a.k.a. Derek Maza): Eliza Maza’s younger brother, who has spent most of the last decade as a mutate and leader of the Labyrinth.  A former policeman, he is currently keeping Tony Dracon under protective custody.


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