Gargoyles Comics: Bomb BOOM! (With Requests)

With the “Make a REAL Gargoyles movie, Disney!” Facebook group now a thousand-person strong, the leadership has begun stressing the importance of the second possible front in the battle to get Goliath and Co. back.  Greg Bishansky writes:

Currently, Boom Studios is publishing “Darkwing Duck” comics, and will soon be publishing “DuckTales” comics, as well as a comic based on “The Incredibles.” They are doing a spectacular job, if I say so myself. So, let’s all contact them and ask them to produce a “Gargoyles” comic book. Here’s a link to a simple form to contact them online:

Ask for “Gargoyles.” Let’s prove that there is demand for more product based on our defenders of the night.

So yeah.  From what I understand of the situation (although my word is worth less than some others’) BOOM!  is, at the very least, open to considering the idea.  All we need to know is prove to them that the audience exists, and, should they take the plunge,we’ll do all we can to make their efforts succeed.

Like before, I’ve written a letter, which I’ve already sent to them via their message service.  If you’re not quite sure how to approach the issue, feel free to use it as a template, adding why you think they should bring “Gargolyes” back.

As a youth interested in the comic book industry, I have noted your recents attempts to cater to 90’s nostalgia with books like Darkwing Duck, and your apparent success of such a strategy.  As a fan of the Disney afternoon and properties as Duck Tales, Tale Spin, and the rest, I would like to encourage you to broaden your liscencing net to include one particular property: Disney’s “Gargoyles”.

“Gargoyles” is most easily described as Disney’s answer to “Batman: The Animated Series”, crossed with a little bit of “Ninja Turtles”.  Starring a group of living gargoyles transplanted from medieval Scotland into modern day Manhattan, it mixed fantasy, science fiction, mythology, Dan Brown-style conspiracies, real-life history, and a bunch of awesome characters into a tasty and nutricious broth.  More importantly, its tone and approach was unlike anything Disney was doing at the time, embracing complex characterization and storytelling that set ablaze the imaginations of thousands of fans, fans which then became instrumental in keeping the franchise alive after its cancellation, and which eventually made it possible for the series to be resurrected in comic book form–and you know how challenging getting those off the ground can be.  Although sales of the comic book were satisfactory–enough to prompt the publication of a spin-off mini-series–publisher Slave Labor Graphics was unable to renew their liscence agreement, returning the franchise to limbo.

Hence, we turn to you.  Given your excellent track record so far, the “Gargoyles” fandom has concluded that BOOM! Studios would be an excellent new home for their favorite characters, should you choose to take upon the challenge.  What’s more, we would be comitted into helping you succeed.

After it was announced that Disney was commisioning a gargoyles-themed film not based on their existing “Gargoyles” property, fans of the franchise sprung into action, deciding to take advantage of the uptick in interest in order to push for the franchises’ ressurection.  To that point, we have established a Facebook group, “Make a REAL ‘Gargoyles’ movie, Disney!”, which has grown to include more than a thousand people in less than a month–not bad for a series that ended thirteen years ago.  This is an active fandom invested in the property, who would be willing to do almost everything to help their franchise thrive–a good place to start I’d say.

Is success guaranteed?  Not at all.  Then again, neither was Darkwing Duck, and that’s going rather smashingly.  All I’m asking is for you to consider giving “Gargoyles”  a fair shot.

Thank you.


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