Still on hiatus

Just to let y’all know.  I’m done with two of my classes, and should be done with two others by this weekend.  By the end of next week, I should be done with all my classwork, and by August 2, the blog should be back to its regular schedule, with a review of “Her Brother’s Keeper”, a critique of Fox Xanatos’ wardrobe, and if everything goes well, the next chapter of “Electric Boogaloo” posted that week.

Also, this video?  Is awesome.

I loves me some Robotech, and The Shadow Chronicles is a pretty darn big guilty pleasure of mine.  Seeing it mixed with that absolutely gorgeous Macross Zero footage…bliss. If only the space battles in “Turtles in Space” and “Worlds Collide” had looked that good.

Also, if I ever get around to reuniting the resources necessary to make Gargoyles/TMNT AMV’s, I’m definitively using that song.


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