MoNY Timeline (2010-2105)

With little progress made on the next chapter of “April Forever”, and nothing else prepared, it’s time for part four of the Monsters of New York timeline.

This here is mostly set-up for the status quo in TMNT’s Fast Forward season–basically, a bunch of birth dates for Original Characters, and some rather vague details on the circumstances behind Darius Dun and Cody Jones’ backgrounds, because yes, I do have a story with him in mind.

As for the lack of Gargoyles stuff, chalk it up to the fact that there’s very little  canon-in-training with a definitive dates.  Since I’m not planning on playing with anything Gargoyles related during this era anyway (unless I decide to) that suits me just fine.  The only notable exceptions are a nod to a Gargoyles fic I particularly like.

Parts one, two, and three.

2010: The Earth Protection Force begins construction of L.U.C.A.S., so-named after the creator of “Star Wars”.


  • Shadow Jones born.
  • April Forever: April from the Fred Wold-verse travels to the 4Kids-verse.
  • Raph and Splinter encounter The Slayer in Northampton.


  • April O’Neil, Casey Jones, and Donatello create O’Neil Tech.
  • Renet visits Casey and April.
  • Leonardo joins the Foot Clan.

2013: Faraji Ngala resumes his training with the Ninja Tribunal.


  • Michelangelo begins his own comic-book company.
  • The Earth Protection force completes L.U.C.A.S., and launches it into orbit.

2016: R.J. Gates, Darius Dun’s father-in-law, born.

2018: Artus is hatched.


  • Leonardo is formally charged with training the youth formerly known as The Ultimate Ninja.  He leaves the Foot Clan.
  • The Ultimate Ninja is given the name Kojiro as a nod to the famous samurai.

2026: The Utroms publically arrive on Earth, heralding a new age for humanity.


  • The Earth Atmospheric Protection Grid is completed
  • April O’Neil publishes her first book, a memoir.

2032: Splinter dies of a heart attack.  The turtles and their closest friends reunite for their funeral.

2035: Raphael is kidnapped, and is forced to compete in a “killed or be killed tournament.  In the process, he loses his left eye.

2036: Moonbase Bishop completed under a different name.


  • Shadow Jones marries Megan Connors.  The turtles reunite for the first time in six years at her wedding.
  • Gwenyvere is hatched.

2040: Karai retires as leader of The Foot Clan.

2045: Shadow Jones gives birth to August Jones.

2049: Dana Gates born.


2055: Baxter Stockman is believed dead after an explosion in an E.P.F. lab (“Head of State”).


  • Goliath is killed
  • The E.P.F. is “disbanded”.
  • Darius Dun Born
  • Bishop begins setting wheels in motion that will eventually result in the creation of the Pan-Galactic Alliance.
  • The Gargoyle Minority Protection Act passes.

2058: Lancelot is hatched.


  • The Pan-Galactic Alliance is created, with its Seat in New York.  Bishop is elected its first president.
  • New York is officially renamed New New York.

2062: A terrorist attack creates what would later be known as the Chelsea Chasm.

2063: The N.Y.P.D. is replaced by the New New York Peace-Keepers.

2066: Clarisse Dun, Darius Dun’s sister, born


  • Darius Dun begins an internship with Galactic Software.  There, he meets Dana Gates for the first time.
  • R.J. Gates takes on Darius as a protegé.

2076: Darius Dun is officially hired by Galactic Software.

2078: Darius Dun and Dana Gates marry.


  • The Illuminati approaches Darius Dun.
  • R.J. Gates is murdered.

2080: Darius Dun Jr. born.

2081: Darius Dun gains possession of the Inuwashi Gunjin.

2085: Darius Dun and Dana Gates divorce.

2086: Darius Dun leaves Galactic Software for O’Neil Tech.


  • Augustus Jones and Clarisse Dun, Cody Jones’s parents, marry.
  • The Triceraton Republic plunges into a civil war.


  • Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Kojiro are taken to the Triceraton Republic.
  • The man who would become Turtle Titan II born.

2089: Serling is bought into the Jones household.

2090: Cody Jones, Starlee Hambrath, and Falcon (“Race for Glory”) born.


  • Cody’s parents die.
  • Darius Dun becomes Cody’s legal guardian.
  • Darius Dun becomes O’Neil Tech’s C.E.O.

2093: Linda Ikari born.


  • Darius Dun Jr. and Gwendolyn Ross move in together.
  • Gabriel Dun, Darius Jr. and Gwendolyn Dun’s son, born.

2104: Starlee Hambrath moves to Earth and begins working as an intern for O’Neil Tech.


  • Cody Jones accidentally transports the Ninja Turtles into the future.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward.

4 Responses to MoNY Timeline (2010-2105)

  1. Supermorff says:

    Pretty cool. So Cody is descended from Shadow Jones… and thus not biologically related to either April or Casey? Doesn’t that make it a bit weird when Serling said April had Cody’s eyes?

  2. Ian Perez Zayas says:

    Hee! Now that you mention it, yes, yes it does. 🙂 I’d already decided that Megan (Shadow’s eventual wife) would actually share some of April’s features as a way to explain Cody’s red hair (since Shadow is, I believe, canonically blonde, which is a detail I’m keeping) but I’m not sure that would work here. Maybe he was referring to a certain demeanor or attitude that comes through through their eyes, rather than any purely physical aspect? I’ll have to think about it.

  3. Supermorff says:

    If he wasn’t a robot, one might think he was looking to find similarities that just weren’t there because he missed his friend.

  4. Ian Perez Zayas says:

    Well, I wouldn’t quite put it that way: doesn’t he make that comment pretty much less than a week (I’d say less than a day, except the cronology of the episode in question is rather open to interpretation) after the turtles’ return? It seems, to me, to be too early for homesickness or nostalgia to really be much of a factor.

    Also, I don’t see what being a robot has anything to do with anything; from what we’ve seen, robots in the year 2105 are capable of the full range of human emotion, and are considered fully sentient. Biggles’ behavior, for one, seems hard to explain as something that’s designed–who would program a robot to hate his work?

    On that note, that’s one of the bigger inconsistencies I need to work on between both series. We know from “Fast Forward” that robots will be sentient by 2105, but the robots described in the documents for “Gargoyles 2198”–the final “Gargoyles” spin-off seem to be significantly cruder.

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