So today I was going to meet up at the mall with a friend to go do mini-golf, but first, I decided to stop by another mall to pick up my latest volume of One Piece (seriously, Viz, I love you for finally making a serious attempt to catch up to Japan, but you’re busting my balls [not to mention my wallet] here).  As I took the bus to go to mall A, I was told that it wouldn’t be completing the trip because protesters had caused the street to be blocked–très inconvenient, even if I support their cause.    What’s worse, I couldn’t call my friend to reschedule because apparently she changed her phone number and I didn’t have the new one.  So I had to walk one hour in the Puerto Rican summer sun and then find no one there and then wait to get picked up, and I’m tired, sleepy, sweaty, and I still need to practice 200 Japanese cards before I go to sleep.  Oh, and we’re going camping for the weekend, and we may or may not be leaving sometime in the morning.  And that’s why there’s no update today.


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