So I just saw the new The A-Team film.  While I never watched the original series, I had high hopes for it based on the previews and the show’s premise, and the movie did not disappoint, hitting all the right buttons, and in general being far more competent than it needed to be.  It reminded me of Speed Racer in that it felt like a semi-anachronistic attempt to make a 100 million-dollar episode of the series, instead of really trying to reimagine it.  Like that underrated gem, it had heart, and managed to remain light in tone without having to pull its punches.


Originally, today’s post was going to be on this week’s ongoing conversation on the possibility of a Gargoyles remakethe Station 8 Gargoyles commentary board.  However, it’s late, and I realize that the topic interests me far less than I initially thought it would.  Main points:

  • It is highly unlikely.
  • It would very well result in a version of Gargoyles so different from the original as to be a completely different beast–see TMNT 1987 vs. TMNT 2003, or Batman: TAS vs. The Brave and the Bold.
  • I would actually be more interested in that theoretical version than I would be in a series that sticked more closely to the original material.
  • The original series has aged too well to make a nostalgia remake (see Bionic Woman, A-Team, Speed Racer, The Spectacular Spider-Man) anything less than redundant.  There’s very little in the original that needs fixing or updating.
  • Would very likely not satisfy current Gargoyle fans.

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