“April Forever”: Notes

So yeah.  Sometime last week, I decided that while I really didn’t have the brain power to complete the next chapter of “Electric Boogaloo” to my satisfaction, I did, however, have the power to conceive and begin working on this, a shorter fic featuring an encounter between April O’Neil and her original ‘toon counterpart.

I’ve always liked the 2003 toon’s incarnation of April O’Neil, an appreciation that has increased over the past few years as my life increasingly begans to mirror hers.  Her arc is a rather atypical one for cartoons: she starts out succesful (an assistant to a very renowned scientist–a plum position for a twenty-three-year old one year out of college) falls due to the actions of others, and never manages to reach those heights again (O’Neil Tech nonwithstanding, and since we never see her actively involved with it, the point still stands), instead finding a measure of happiness in the friendship of four turtles, a romance with the sort of guy she probably wouldn’t have given the time of day during her college years, and ownership of a store left to her by her father.  Still, I’ve always wondered if April is truly satisfied with her life, given what she’s lost; I’ve always imagined that she harbors some resentment at the fact that she never obtained the life she originally wanted for herself.  This is something I hope to address here, as she meets a version of herself that does actively follow her ambitions and does manage to live her dream.

Story: April Forever

Synopsis: A science experiment gone not quite right brings our favorite jumpsuit-clad reporter to the TMNT 2003 universe, where she meets her shop-owning, married counterpart.  Conversations on turtles, career, marriage, sex, womanhood and happiness ensue.

Setting: New York City, sometime in the second half of year 2011.

Characters of Interest:
April O’Neil (2003 ‘toon version); April O’Neil (1987 ‘toon version); Casey Jones (2003 ‘toon version).

Content Rating: PG to PG-13

Legal Disclaimers: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and related characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc., and were created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. No copyright infringement is intended. Original characters are, of course, mine.

Final note: For those having trouble reading the story in blog format, the story is also available on FanFiction.net.  Courtesy link.


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