Off Camping

With Africa saved, I was all set to have my piece on “The Edge” finished by today…and then I got a phone call at 5:00 a.m. reminding me that the camping trip I’d hastily planned with some friends of mine began today, not tomorrow as I’d thought.   So yeah…

I realize I’ve been making excuses all week.  Even though, yeah, it’s my blog, and I technically have the freedom to post whenever damn feel like it, I realize that my readership being as small as it is, I can’t afford to slack off and still expect to keep everyone’s interest for very long.  This week has been sort of a “me” week, and I think it’s helped stave off burnout for a while, but I promise–nay, vow–that with God Oberon as my witness, there will be a return to regular updates next week.  And if that doesn’t happen, y’all are free to smite me in any way you wish.   Until then, a preview of what would have been today’s post, but now gets delayed to Wednesday (with a proper story update on Monday):

As I was initially writing this, I was going to include a paragraph about how I never really bought Matt’s “good guy” persona, thinking that he acted too overbearingly towards Elisa, spouting platitutes to someone whom he’s known for twenty minutes (even though I think that he’s right on the money in general).  Then, as I did my scene-by-scene rewatch, I noticed something that made me feel somewhat differently about him: the way he helps Elisa in their initial scene, not by offering to carry the TV–which would have been the more obvious, “manly” thing to do–but by opening the door.  It’s speaks to certain level of .  While I’m still of the opinion that there’s something not quite genuine about him (and I realize that this isn’t exactly backed up by text–it’s merely gut), it’s an idea I may have to reconsider.


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