The Day I Saved Africa

Okay, so it’s actually “we”–me and my brother, as we kicked ass and took names in the final segment of Resident Evil 5.  And by “saved”, I mean “returned it to the status quo”, which for many millions is only marginally improved by not having cannibalistic zombie-like beings attacking them.  And by “Africa”, I mean the entire continent, because there’s no such thing as individual countries or cultures, at least according to Capcom–and they wouldn’t lie, would they?

In any case, we beat the game, which means that I suddenly have four hours of the day back, which means that I might actually get to finish a proper update on Friday.  Until then, something a bit different: since I know that at  some of the blog’s visitors are fans of either TMNT or Gargoyles but not both, here are a couple of videos detailing one of the many reasons why I think both shows are worth watching.

Credit for that bit of montage goes to Gargoyles fan extraordinaire Greg Bishansky, who by the by, has also helped me make sure I got Macbeth’s voice right when writing him.  Thanks, Greg!

The second video isn’t a montage, but just five minutes of sweet, sweet fighting.

Thanks to Youtube user MuseEgo for uploading it.


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