Resident Evil 5…

…is awesome.  While it’s not quite a good a game as RE4 (who knew ancient “Africans” had laser technology?), playing it with someone in the same room is super-fun…which is why I haven’t had the time to prepare a substantive update for today.  Or possibly for the rest of the week.

Lacking the story chapter I was planning on finishing for today, I go to the ol’ standby: pimping somebody else’s awesome TMNT or Gargoyles related work.  Today, it’s this awesome lil’ Karai-themed AMV by  Japanese TMNT fan doraguxoru:

The title, from what I can gather from my sketchy Japanese, is read as “Watashi wa baka* na musume datta, or “I was the stupid daughter”. The creator, however, translates it as “I was my stupid daughter”, which…doesn’t quite make sense.

* I literally did not know what the second kanji in “baka” was until about five minutes ago. Now I’ll never forget–yay!


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