MoNY Timeline (1997-2009)

This is the third part of the overall timeline for the relevant events in the shared Gargoyles/TMNT-verse. The first can be seen here, the second here.

People who’ve been following this section will notice a gap in the time-line–specifically, between 1994 and 1997, or the time-span in which the Gargoyles series takes place.  Why the omission?  Because I have nothing to add to that time period, which would mean that by including it here, I’d be copying other people’s work (particularly, that of the awesome people at Gargwiki) wholesale without adding anything of value.  Plus, all that text would be a bitch to format.  So if you have to know what happened in that period of time, you can just check their timeline: 1994, 1995, 1996.

Also, note that, unlike Greg or the wiki, this timeline does not cover every event in TMNT–I’m just not dedicated enough to assign a date to every single event.  This is mostly just a guideline in order to have an idea of when each important event occurred; however, this should not be taken to mean that these events aren’t canon.  Also, as with the other installments, the list is subject to later additions, which will be announced in their own blog posts and then added here.

ETA: Small alteration: I added an item down over at “March 2009”.


  • Oroku Saki receives a crystal with strange properties found deep under Manhattan.
  • Brooklyn leaves, and returns, from his Timedancer Journey.  Katana, Nashville, and, Fu-Dog, Coldstone and Coldfire join the Manhattan clan.
  • Big-game hunter Jack Marlin attempts to hunt down the Manhattan Clan.

January 1, 1997: Although they managed to foil Anton Sevarius’ plan, the Redemption Squad fails to bring in the doctor.  (“Louse”)

January 5, 1997: The Redemption Squad sets out to take down an Illuminati island stronghold.  (“Redemption”)

October 31, 1997: Xanatos’ probation expires.


  • Tachi hatches.
  • “Accounts Settled and Closed” (Monsters of NY)
    • [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] are [REDACTED] by the [REDACTED].
    • [REDACTED] is [REDACTED].  [REDACTED] loses her [REDACTED].
    • Xanatos makes a deal with Oroku Saki.
    • Xanatos hosts a summit at Castle Wyvern.  Several of the Manhattan Clan’s allies (and some enemies) appear.
    • Demona casts a spell.
    • Brooklyn relocates Katana, Gnash, Tachi, and Fu-Dog to Avalon.  [REDACTED] also makes the trip.
    • Goliath begins his [REDACTED], joined by [REDACTED].
  • Demona exacts her revenge.
  • The Foot begins construction of an underground genetics laboratory in New York.


  • Elisa returns to New York.
  • The Foot makes a deal with Tony Dracon, giving him $50,000,000 and a get-out-of-jail-free card for him and Glasses in exchange for his contacts, personnel, product, and territory.

August 2000: Foot Geneticists begin Project: Muta-Mole (not its real name), with the aim of  genetically mutating humans for underground exploration and retrieval and using them to find the Utrom’s hiding place.

2001: Silver Sentry makes his first public appearance, heralding the Second Age of Super-Heroes.

January 2001: Earth Protection Force Librarian Irma Langstein finds something amiss in the organization’s records.

February 2001: E.P.F. Librarian Irma Langstein presents her report on the irregularities on the E.P.F.’s records.  She is assigned to investigate their cause.

August 2001: E.P.F. Librarian Irma Langstein finishes her investigation.


  • April O’Neil graduates from the University of New York with a degree in Mathematics.
  • Longer begins investigating Ruffington.

June 2002:

  • The Foot’s mutant scouts find the Y’Lyntian underground city.  They mistakenly hypothesize that it is Utrom in origin.

August 2002:

  • After determining that the underground city their mutants have found is not Utrom in origin.  Project: Muta-Mole is canceled.
  • The mutants created for Project: Muta-Mole break free and destroy the Foot Lab, killing everyone within it.

September-December 2002: “Lies” (Monsters of NY)

2003: Karai gets her Business and Commerce degree from Keio University.

August 2003:

  • The Foot Mutants find the Y’Lyintian city.
  • April O’Neil begins working for Stocktronics.
  • Oroku Saki relocates permanently to New York.
    • Karai is officially made head of The Foot’s Japan branch.

September 2003:

  • Mousers attack the TMNT’s lair, destroying it. (“Things Change”)
  • The turtles find a new lair in what was once a Y’lyntian outpost. (“Things Change”)
  • The turtles meet April O’Neil. (“A Better Mousetrap”, “Attack of the Mousers”)
  • Baxter Stockman is defeated and disgraced. (“Attack of the Mousers”)
  • Raphael meets Casey Jones. (“Meet Casey Jones”)
  • A nanomachine colony escapes from a lab U.S. Government lab. (“Nano”)

October 2003:

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet, and fight, The Shredder.  (“The Shredder Strikes”)
  • A time-travelling Leonardo and Cody Jones appear at the site of the turtles’ first battle with the Shredder. (“Timing is Everything”)
  • Two days after their disappearance, a time-travelling Shredder and his squadron of Foot Ninja finally return to their proper time.

December 2003:

  • “Notes From the Underground”
  • The turtles are driven out of their sewer lair by the Foot Ninja. (“Notes From the Underground, pt. 3”)
  • The Shredder attacks the turtles at April’s appartment, and drives them into hiding. (“The Shredder Strikes Back, Part 2”, “Tales of Leo”)

March 2004: The turtles return from their Northampton exile, and attack the Shredder at his tower.  The Shredder is believed killed. (“Return to New York”)

April 2004:

  • “The Search for Splinter”-“Secret Origins”
  • Thanks to Ruffington’s influence, Longer is disgraced and demoted.

August 2004: “Electric Boogaloo”

September 2004:

  • Donatello finds a cure for the Foot Mutants (“Return to the Underground”)
  • The gang war reaches its boiling point, as seen in “City at War”.
    • Karai, with the help of the turtles, takes control of The Foot, and retakes New York’s underworld.

October 2004: Gargoyles, a fictional horror story written by John Castaway, is released.

November 2004: The Federation makes contact with the E.P.F. and strike an alliance:  Federation support and technology in exchange for the Fugitoid.

March, 2005:

  • The turtles discover that the Shredder still lives, and that Karai has dishonored their deal. (“Rogue in the House”)
  • The Justice Force briefly reunites when several of its members are kidnapped. (“Return of the Justice Force”)
  • A new Justice Force is formed, with  Silver Sentry, Ananda, Metalhead, Chrysalis, and Tsunami as active members, and with Stainless Steel Steve and Zippy Lad as consultants.

April, 2005:

  • The Ninja Turtles attend their first Battle Nexus Tournament (“The Big Brawl”)
  • The Triceratons invade Earth, leaving Manhattan and China (among other places) devastated and the world’s armies in shambles before quickly leaving.  (“Space Invaders”, “Worlds Collide”)
    • Beijing gets lifted up into the stratosphere.
    • “Reprise” (Monsters of New York)
      • Goliath and company return to New York.
      • Coldstone and Coldfire capture a Triceraton ship.
      • Xanatos holds a press conference.
      • [REDACTED]

May, 2005:

  • Thanks in part to covert sponsorship by John Castaway, H.A.T.E. is formed.
  • Brooklyn returns his family to New York.  [REDACTED] joins them.

June, 2005:

  • The New Yorker publishes an article on Oroku Saki and David Xanatos titled “The Saviors of New York”.
  • The gargoyles get their own reality TV show.

July, 2005:

  • Lexington officially goes into business.

September, 2005:

  • The first episode of the Manhattan clan’s reality show airs.  It’s a smash hit.
  • The turtles foil a H.A.T.E. plot to detonate a nuclear bomb inside New York. (“H.A.T.E.”)
  • John Castaway meets with H.A.T.E.’s leader, Skonk, in prison.

October, 2005:

  • Leonardo and Michelangelo meet Nobody, and help him take down Ruffington. (“Nobody’s Fool”)
  • Dr. Chaplin begins working for The Foot Clan.

November 2005:

  • Despite the show’s positive effect on their P.R., the Manhattan Clan declines the offer to produce a second season.

December 24, 2005:

  • The Christmas Aliens
  • David Xanatos and Oroku Saki hold a Christmas party.  Attendees include Fox Xanatos, Karai Saki, Hun, Matt Bluestone, the Mayor, and the Manhattan Clan.

January 2006: C.F. Volpehart is killed when The Beast severs its link with him.  It quickly finds another host. (“The Darkness Within”)

February 2006:

  • Beijing, which had been lifted to the stratosphere during the Triceraton Invasion, is brought back to Earth.  However, it now faces the “wrong” direction. (“Mission of Gravity”)
  • Tectonic activity arround Greenland causes sudden shifts over the Northern Hemisphere.  However, such activity is brief.
  • The turtles, along with Versalia, a female Y’lyntian, destroy the last known Y’lyntian City, along with most of its inhabitants.  (“The Entity Below”)

March 2006: The turtles meet Renet, and are taken to the year 1406.

April 2006: Agent Bishop captures Karai and attempts to use her to extort Oroku Saki.  (“Hun on the Run”)

May 2006:

  • Agent Bishop kidnaps Splinter and uses his genetic data in order to complete his super-soldier army.  (“Bishop’s Gambit”)
  • “Exodus”
  • The turtles retire to Northampton to convalesce.
  • The Purple Dragons call in all their markers.

June 2006:

  • Oroku Saki is officially declared dead.  Karai takes the helm of his holdings including the Foot Clan.
  • Hun and the Purple Dragons defect from the Foot.

August 2006: Raptarr makes his public debut.

September 2006: The healed turtles return to New York.

October 2006:

  • The President of the United States is abducted by aliens and “saved” by the E.P.F.  After the confrontation, large quantities of alien D.N.A. are left all over New York. (“Aliens Among Us”)
  • Karai inaugurates the Oroku Saki Memorial Library. (“Still Nobody”)

October 31, 2006: The self-proclaimed King of Thieves summons an army of hundreds of gargoyle-like gremlins to indiscriminately steal for him.  (“All Hallows’ Thieves”)

November 1, 2006:

  • The Quarrymen experience a small uptick in their membership.
  • The Manhattan Clan faces a mild PR crisis as (thanks in part to Quarrymen disinformation) people have begun conflating them with the King of Thieves’ gremlins.

December, 2006:

  • Leonardo leaves the lair to find The Ancient One. (“The Ancient One”)
  • Raptarr befriends the Manhattan Clan.

March, 2007:

  • “Scion of the Shredder”/”Prodigal Son”.
  • Large numbers of mutants appear throughout New York. (“Outbreak”)
  • Donatello is infected by the outbreak virus (“Outbreak”).
  • Angela regains something she had lost.

April, 2007:

  • Anton Sevarius hires mercenaries to capture several of the creatures mutated by the virus.
  • Several of the new mutants attack The Labyrinth.
  • Sydney (“Notes From the Underground”/”Return to the Underground”) joins the E.P.F. as a consultant.

June, 2007:

  • Donatello mutates due to the Outbreak virus (“Adventures in Turtle-Sitting”)
  • The turtles work together with Bishop and Baxter Stockman to find a cure for the outbreak virus. (“Good Genes”)
  • The Ninja Tribunal kidnaps the turtles and takes them to the Lap of the Gods (“The Ninja Tribunal”)

August, 2007

  • The Demon Shredder’s acolytes attack the Lap of the Gods (“The Beginning of The End”)
  • The turtles are sent back to New York (“The Beginning of The End”)
  • Nobody, Raptarr, Nano, and Turtle Titan I join the Justice Force (“Recruitment Drive”)
  • Matrix travels to New York to meet Nano.  Dingo and Robyn join him.
  • The Demon Shredder is resurrected, and he begins to take over New York.
    • Note: the events of New World Order through Enter the Dragons take place within the span of 48 hours.
  • Demona’s spell is broken.
  • The Shredder turns New York city into a hellscape.  The Eyrie Building, having activated its magical defenses in time, is unnafected.
  • Noticing great power residing within, the Shredder sends one of his minions to attack the Eyrie Building.
  • In the aftermath of the Demon Shredder’s assault, people’s attitudes towards gargoyles take a huge downturn.  Quarrymen membership increases by a factor of 400%.
  • The turtles spend three days in Northampton.  Unbeknownst to them, they are followed there by The Rat King.

September, 2007:

  • John Castaway becomes a media darling.
  • The Ninja Turtles are accidentally taken to the future by Cody Jones. (“Future Shell-Shock”)
  • A crisis brings together representatives from four clans.
  • Karai makes a deal with Hun.

September 18, 2007:

  • Goliath and Elisa leave the clan, leaving Angela as leader.

September 23, 2007: Artus is conceived.

October, 2007: The Foot officially abandon their New York operations.

November, 2007:

  • Emerson Valentine is assigned as the first liaison between the E.P.F. and the Department of Defense.
    • After a quick agreement between Hun and Bishop, Baxter Stockman begins working for the Purple Dragons.

March, 2008: Khan begins in earnest his attempts to re-form the New York Foot.

April, 2008:

  • Baxter Stockman develops his latest body.  It presents a significant step up from previous bodies, as it allows him to have a simulated sense of touch.
  • Casey Jones joins Khan’s dojo.

September, 2008: The Ninja Turtles return from their stay in the future, with Serling in tow.  Master Splinter is lost among the way. (“Tempus Fugit”)

October, 2008: Casey Jones proposes to April O’Neil (“The Engagement Ring”)

March, 2009: Cyber-Shredder takes over every computer system in New York (“City Under Siege”), including several belonging to the Illuminati.

May, 2009:

  • April O’Neil marries Casey Jones. (“Wedding Bells and Bytes”)
  • Khan is broken out of police custody.

July, 2009:

  • Karai Saki and Joshua Claiborne (“Lies”) meet for the first time in seven years.
  • The Illuminati Declares war on The Foot.
  • “Hurlyburly: Electric Boogaloo 2: Electric Boogaloo”
    • Rumors surface of the Shredder’s re-appearance.
    • A time-travelling Shredder and his squadron of Foot Ninja appear in New York.
    • An alternate-timeline Demon Shredder appears in New York
    • Renet arrives in New York
    • Starlee Hambrath arrives in New York, but stays only for a few moments.

August, 2009:

  • Serling moves out of the turtles’ lair, and into Leatherhead’s.

November 2009:

  • Turtles Forever
  • Agent Bishop claims the deactivated Foot Robot Ninjas and most of the downed Foot Mutants.
  • Foot mutants Tokka and Rahzar are captured by Sevarius.
  • Karai negotiates a ceasefire with The Illuminati.
  • Karai gives Agent Bishop some vital information.
  • Their lair destroyed, the turtles go their separate ways: Raph and Splinter go to Northampton; Don moves in with Leatherhead and Serling; Mikey stays with Casey and April; Leo becomes adrift.

4 Responses to MoNY Timeline (1997-2009)

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  2. Loudo says:

    Hello, Ian. I’m feeling like joining your obsessive wankery. 🙂

    A few years ago I put together my own TMNT timeline. You can find it here:
    In that topic you can also find the reasons for some of my choices.

    The biggest difference between my timeline and yours is that I believe the series takes place from 2001 to 2006, not from 2003 to 2009. There are two arguments in favor of my thesis.
    First, my timeline correctly transports the turtles 100 years in the future, while you have Future Shellshock happen in 2007 in yours (two years too late).
    Second, like a poster in the linked topic said, we actually see a shot of the Twin Towers in the episode “Darkness on the Edge of Town”, which means that the first part of Season 1 should take place before 09/11/01.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  3. Ian says:

    Inspired decision : ); I like it, and your timeline work in general. Only one issue: April’s degree, as seen in “Trouble with Augie”, states that it was awarded in 2002.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it really is possible to do a timeline that is consistent with what is shown in the show without making some sort of compromise. Particularly problematic is that part where the gap between Arnold Jones Sr.’s store getting burned down and the murder of Hamato Yoshi is enough time for Hun to grow into adulthood, but that time plus the additional time allowed for the turtles to grow into tots is not enough for Casey to grow out of puberty. You have to make “The Lesson” really early in the turtles’ lifespan for it to work out.

    I also notice that your timeline makes “Across the Universe” take place in an alternate timeline, which makes sense. Me, I like the idea that the young Falcon the turtles meet in Fast Forward is the dad of the one in the Planet Racers.

  4. Loudo says:

    Wow, good eye! I never paid attention to that detail about April’s degree.

    About the “Across the Universe” episode, my headcanon is that the Time Sceptre, unlike the Phoenix Gate, can actually change history (otherwise, what’s the purpose of having Time Lords and Timestresses?).
    Raphael, just like Donnie, visited a future where he disappeared from history. So Falcon doesn’t recognize Raphael because in that timeline he never got the chance to meet him.
    After Raphael is transported back into the past (by using the Time Sceptre, which can change history), the Planet Racers-timeline Raphael visited is erased and the turtle will actually meet Falcon at a much younger age instead.

    Your solution is certainly more simple and straightforward, eheh. 🙂

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