Illuminati P.O.I Profiles: Takeshi Yoshihama

Name: Takeshi Yoshihama
Known Aliases: Master Khan
Birth Date: October 16, 1970
Nationality: Japan
Occupation: Foot Clan Member; Self-proclaimed leader of the Foot’s New York Branch (2008-       )
Affiliations: Foot Clan
Notable Abilities: Highly-developed martial arts abilities.

Takeshi Yoshihama is the latest scion of the Yoshihama family, one of the oldest families to serve under the banner of the The Foot Clan.  A member of the organization since birth, he, like most such “legacies”, studied at Kensei Academy.  After graduating in 1987, he quickly joined the ranks of the Foot Ninja in Japan.

In 2001, Yoshihama–now going by “Master Khan”–was one of the Foot Ninja who transferred to Manhattan as part of Oroku Saki‘s push for control of the city’s underworld. There, he was assigned to Dojo Director, placing him in charge of various Foot recruitment and training facilities.  He remained in this position until 2007, when the Foot abandoned their New York operations in the wake of their heavy losses in the 2007 Apocalypse; choosing to remain in New York, he has  since  been working with other disaffected clan members to restore the group to its former strength with him as its leader and retake the city away from the Purple Dragons, an enterprise that has met with mixed success.

Yoshihama has also gained a measure of acclaim in the professional mixed martial arts circuit, becoming a mainstay (and occasional winner) of tournaments throughout the world since 1995, including at least one turn as “The King of Fighters”.

Conclusions: Khan’s initiative in reforming The Foot against the Saki family’s wishes would seem to indicate that, unlike most Foot higher-ups (cross-ref:  Saki, Karai; Oroku, Sawaki; Mason, Hunter), he is not, strictly speaking, a Shredder loyalist, and may be turned to The Society’s side given the right incentive.  Given the continuing necessity of having a foothold in the New York underworld, and our lack of success in that arena during the last decade, it is imperative to explore this possibility.  That said, his current difficulties establishing a foothold against Mason’s forces suggest that he may be open to a resource sharing alliance if it will mean reestablishing Foot dominance.   His schism from the “legitimate” Foot Clan also suggests a level of dissatisfaction with its current leader, Karai Saki, which might also be used to our advantage–he may find the opportunity to depose and dispose of her too tempting to dismiss.

On a more personal level, Yoshihama seems to place great stock in martial arts skill.  It may be possible that offering him the opportunity to fight stronger opponents–for example, Lady Macbeth–will be all that’s necessary to assure his cooperation.

Should more forcible methods be required, please note that he apparently maintains good relations with his family, particularly his younger brother.  Using them as bargaining chips if it comes to that should not be discarded.

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Last updated: September 1, 2008


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