Night Vision

Or “Ian Can’t Be Arsed to Write Yet Another Essay This Week”

For some reason, it didn’t register with me until reviewing “Deadly Force”: Gargoyles have perfect night vision.

Yes, as epiphanies go, this isn’t exactly “a child will be born in a manger; bring gifts”.  In fact, upon reflection it’s so blindingly obvious that I wish I were more flexible so I could properly kick myself in the face for not thinking of it earlier.

But yeah.  Gargoyles, as far as we know, have vision somewhere near the human 20/20 range–probably better (they have to be able to see things from the sky, after all), almost certainly not worse.  They are awake only at night, so that’s what their baseline is based on.  The baseline for humans isn’t.

Personally, I blame Hollywood darkness for me not realizing this sooner.  When a well-lit space looks almost identical to a badly-lit one, it makes one forget that the characters don’t necessarily perceive it that way (even if they usually do: see “Vows” and the Xanatos’s  night-time trek through the forest, or any of the battles in the “City of Stone” flashbacks).  Heck, I think “Deadly Force” is really the only episode in the series where the differences between Gargoyle vision and human vision is stressed, and even then it can be overlooked.

In any case, it does alter my calculations quite a bit regarding the Gargoyles fighting skills vs. the turtles.  If one assumes that their eyesight is equivalent, then I’d usually give a battle between the two to the stealthier, more mobile, more versatile turtles the advantage–particularly indoors (Bias?  Yes–why do you ask?).  But if the gargoyles can see through night’s shadows…


I’ve never realized until I actually re-read my “Deadly Force” post, but my god does the blog’s particular format make everything look extra squished-up-looking.  Mid-sized paragraphs look large, and large paragraph’s look unreadable.  I mean, look at this post!  Even on the short side, one still has to scroll down to see it all.  Gah!

Does anybody agree?  And does anybody have any suggestions, aside from simply writing shorter paragraphs or changing the blog’s look (which I really like)?  Say, a way to alter the length of the too-huge-by-half sidebar?  Or am I making too much of things?


So I’ve finally begun uploading the fanfics into, since their architecture is much more conducive to reading stories divided by chapters than a blog is, and requires considerably less pimping to get readers.  Lies is already there in its entirety, and the April O’Neil bit will be uploaded next week (probably after some tweaking)  Still, I’ll only be putting chapters over there after they’ve been here for at least a couple of weeks (or, if I think I can get away with it, until they’re completed), so this will still be the place for new story chapters.


Looking at the stats for the past couple of weeks, it appears I’m finally reached the “gets at least one visitor per day” threshold.  Woot!


I’ve never been a Narnia readers, so I don’t know how faithful they are to their source, but damn if  rthstewart‘s stories don’t have anything I want in fanfiction.  Please note, however, that “things I want in fanfiction” apparently includes discussions on contract law so yeah, your mileage may vary.


One Response to Night Vision

  1. rthstewart says:

    Thank you for the rec(s) — though I wasn’t quite sure, so I’ll just say thanks if you intended the rec, and oops, sorry, move along, if you didn’t. More intriguing, you don’t read Narnia, but found my stuff anyway? And yes, there are several discussion of contract law between Harold and the Evil Banker as Morgan has a touch of docuphilia and other issues as well.

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