MoNY Timeline (994-1993)

This is the second part of the overall timeline for the relevant events in the shared Gargoyles/TMNT-verse. The first can be seen here.  As before,  most of the relevant Gargoyles segments are taken from Gargwiki’s own semi-official timeline.

994 A.D.: Oberon and Titania meet, and befriend, the Daimyo of the Battle Nexus .

September 28, 994 A.D.: Tom, Mary and other refugees are given shelter from rampaging Vikings at Castle Wyvern

Sept 29-Oct. 1, 994 A.D.:

  • The events of “Awakening” occur.
  • Demona slahes Gillecomgain (“City of Stone”)

995 A.D.: Oberon, angered by Titania’s scorn for mortals, banishes his Children from Avalon.

Sept. 28, 995: Tom, Princess Katharine, the Magus, Finella, and Mary escape Edinburgh castle to Avalon, where they separate. (“Avalon, pt. 1”)

Sept. 29, 995: King Constantine III initiates a plan to destroy all Gargoyles in Scotland

997 A.D.: Brooklyn meets and rescues Mary and Finella, taking them with him on his Timedancing journey.

C. 1000 A.D.:

  • An Utrom ship carrying their most dangerous criminal crash-lands on Japan. (“Secret  Origins, pt. 1”)
  • Not-Cthulhu arrives on what would become Manhattan.  (“The Darkness Within”)
  • In Japan, The Foot Clan is formed.
  • The Shredder has the sword of Tengu made.
  • After centuries, reports of the Shredder appear again.

1005 A.D.: Macbeth born at Castle Moray

1020 -1057 A.D.: “City of Stone” (Flashbacks)

March 17, 1058 A.D.: Canmore kills Luach. Bodhe also dies. Gruoch commits suicide.

March 21, 1058 A.D.: Angela, Gabriel, Ophelia, Boudicca, and thirty-two other gargoyles are hatched in Avalon.

April 25, 1058 A.D.: Canmore becoems King of Scotland.

1212 A.D.: Demona casts a spell.

c. 1406 A.D:

  • Savanti Romero,  is banished to this era by Lord Simultaneous. (“Time Travails”)
  • The fused bodies of Drako and the Damyo’s son become stranded in this era.  (“TT”)
  • Both exilees meet.  Drako/Prince disguise themselves as a garden-variety Dragon, which Savanti takes as a pet.  (“TT”)

1406 A.D:

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Renet, due to a spell by Savanti, time-travel to this year.  (“TT”)
  • Drako/Prince reveal its true self, takes Lord Simultaneous’ Time-Sceptre, and dissapears into the time-stream.  (“TT”)

1495 A.D.: Demona steals the Medici Tablet in Florence (“Hunter’s Moon, Part Two”)

1580 A.D.: Rabbi Loew creates the Golem in Prague.

1603 A.D.: Tokugawa Ieyasu is named Sei-i-tai Shogun (“Supreme Military Dictator”) by Emperor Go-Yosei, thanks in large part to The Shredder and his army of Foot Ninjas.  Oroku Saki’s ancestor is made a daimyo.

1611-1614 A.D. Several private commercial companies survey and chart the New Amsterdam territory on behalf of the States General of the Dutch Republic.  Among their number is C.F. Volpehart.

1616 A.D.: C.F. Volpehart prevents the beast from being killed and becomes its new servant; in return, he is granted immortality.  The Beast settles, drawing people towards the island. (“The Darkness Within”)

Early 18th Century: C.F. Volpehart joins the Illuminati.

May 1, 1776: The Bavarian Illuminati is founded by Adam Weishaupt; any connections with Peredur’s Illuminati are as yet unknown.

July 2, 1776:

  • The United States declares its independence.
  • John Bishop born.

1785: The Illuminati undertakes an unsuccesful assasination attempt on C.F. Volpehart.  Several members, including Volpehart’s best friend, are killed by the beast.  Volpehart leaves the Illuminati.

1815: John Bishop is abducted by aliens while fighting in the Battle of New Orleans (“Outbreak”)

1817: Bishop is betrayed by his best friend, a member of a secret society that does not wish to reveal the existence of aliens.

1833: Oroku Saki’s “great-great-grandfather” officially born.

1858: Oroku Saki’s “great-grandfather” officially born.

July 1863:

  • The Phoenix Gate deposits Brooklyn, Katana and Fu-Dog in New York City.
  • Casey Jones and April O’Neil to New York City by Renet.
  • The New York Draft Riots occur.

1868: Meiji Restoration: Japan’s political power is once again concentrated within the Emperor.


  • Hearing rumors about gargoyles living there, Macbeth travels to Japan.  There, he meets and bonds with Oroku Saki’s “Great-Great-Grandfather”.  Both discover that the other is immortal.
  • Oroku Saki’s “great-great-grandfather” is “assasinated”.


  • The United States army covertly defeats a group of Gray Aliens.
  • President Grant creates the Earth Protection Force, with John Bishop as its leader.

1882: Oroku Saki’s “great-grandfather” accompannies Itō Irobumi during the latters’ travels through Europe.

1887: Demona battles C.F. Volpehart for control of not-Cthulhu.  Demona loses.

1888: Fiona Canmore and Jackson Canmore born.

1895: Mace Malone born

March 1898: Una, Leo, Griff,(England) and Kai (Ishimura) hatch.

1900: Quincy Hemmings born.

1901-1909: Quincy Hemmings joins the White House staff.

1907: Oroku Saki’s “grandfather” takes control of the family company, one of the biggest Zaibatsus in Japan.

1910: Demona slays Jackson Canmore in battle. His twin sister, Fiona, takes up the Hunt.

C. 1910: For a moment, a time travelling-Serling is seen by a young Wendell (“The Incredible Shrinking Serling”).

March,1918: Zafiro and Obsidiana hatch in ChacIxChel, Guatemala.

1920: Demona finds the Praying Gargoyle in the catacombs of Paris and attempts to use it to destroy humanity. She is foiled by Fiona Canmore.

March 21 1924: Mace Malone disappears with a fortune in jewels to become a full-time operative for the Illuminati. He writes a letter to Dominic Dracon, taunting him with false clues about the location of the jewels.

1928: Halcyon Renard born.

1934: Wendell opens his first Wendell World store in Manhattan.

1936: Charles Canmore born.

March, 1938: Jade, Turquesa,(Guatemala) and Yama (Ishimura) hatch.

1939-1945: World War II

  • 1939: Halcyon Renard’s mother obtains work at one of Wendell’s factories, which has been retrofited to produce armaments for the war effort.  There, a young Halcyon Renard meets Wendell.
  • 1940: Battle of Britain.  Goliath helps Griff, and then goes with him to the future (“M.I.A.”)

1942: Peter Maza born.

1946: Diane Maza born.

July 7, 1947: An alien space-ship crash-lands in Roswell, New Mexico.  It is captured by the Earth Protection Force (“Aliens Among Us”).


  • Oroku Saki officially born.
  • Tang Shen born.

1951: Hamato Yoshi and Yukio Mashimi born.

1952: Martin Hacker born.

1954: Claw and Amanda Chung born.

1955: David Xanatos born in Bar Harbor, Maine.

1956: The Ancient One adopts Tang Shen.

1957: The Ancient One adopts Hamato Yoshi and Yukio Mashimi (“The Tale of Master Yoshi”).

March, 1958: Sora hatches in Ishimura; Staghart and Constance hatch in Knight’s Spur.


  • Morgan Morgan born.
  • Backed in large part by Wendell, Halcyon Renard forms Cyberbiotics.

1960: Baxter Stockman and Preston Vogel born.

March 29, 1960: Harry Monmouth born.

1962: Brendan Quarters and Margoy Yale are born.

Sept. 28, 1963: Vinnie Grigori born in New York.

November 22, 1963: John F. Kennedy assassinated.

November 23, 1963: Quincy Hemmings becomes Chief Steward at the White House.


  • Jason Canmore and Matt Bluestone born.
  • Wendell joins Cyberbiotics.

1965: Super-Heroes operating in the United States team up and create the first incarnation of the Justice Force.

1966: Janine Renard and Robyn Canmore born


  • Eliza Maza, Jackal, Hyena, and Fred Sykes born.
  • The Green Mantle loses his cape fighting Mechazoid over New York City. (“Super Power Struggle”)

1970: Derek Maza, Tony Dracon, Hun, and Longer (Nobody) born.


  • Silver Sentry and Splinter born.
  • Hamato Yoshi and Yukio Mashimi discover the existence of Utroms and join the Guardians.

November 26, 1972: Jon Canmore is born.

1973:Ananda born.


  • The Justice Force disbands after the death of member Battling Bernice. (“Return of the Justice Force”)
  • Tang Shen is killed by Yukio Mashimi.  Hamato Yoshi, in turn, kills Mashimi. (“The Tale of Master Yoshi”)
  • The Utroms relocate to New York City. (“TToMY”)
  • The Ancient One and Hamato Yoshi unsuccessfuly appeal to the Ninja Tribunal for help against The Shredder.  They refuse. (“Legend of the Five Dragons”)
  • Faraji Ngala born.


  • Beth Maza and Maggie Reed born.
  • Oroku Saki’s “father” officially dies.

November 1, 1975: A young David Xanatos receives a medieval coin from his Future self.

1976: William Gates and Tora Yoshida born.

1977: Adam McKay born.


  • Arnold Casey Jones Jr. born.  Nashville and Lunette hatch.
  • Shari possibly born.

1980: April O’ Neil born.

September 28,1980: In Paris, Demona steals the Praying Gargoyle statue from Notre Dame Cathedral. Confronted by Charles Canmore, the Hunter, she kills him and escapes. Canmore’s children, Jason, Robyn and Jon swear vengeance. (“Hunter’s Moon”)

1982: Karai born.


  • Joi Reynard born.
  • Hun and the Purple Dragons burn down Arnold Casey Jones Sr.’s store. (“Meet Casey Jones”)
  • Arnold Jones is killed by the Purple Dragons

1986: Oroku Saki brings Hun into the Foot fold.  Hun leaves the Purple Dragons under the care of a trusted liutenant, promising to return.


  • Karai is found and adopted by Oroku Saki. (“City at War, pt. 3”)
  • Chaplin born.


  • The Shredder kills Hamato Yoshi, whom he suspects aids his enemies, the Utroms.  (“The Shredder Strikes”)
  • Splinter adopts four baby turtles who, along with him, had been slimed with Ooze from TCRI canisters.  (“TSS”)


  • April O’Neil’s uncle, August “Uncle Auggie” O’Neil, disappears. (“The Trouble With Augie”)
  • Splinter and his sons take Hamato Yoshi’s ashes to Japan.  (“Fathers and Sons”)


  • A time-travelling Serling appears at the turtles’ lair and is confused with an action figure. (“The Incredible Shrinking Serling”)
  • Angel born.

1990-1991: The events described in “Tales of Leo” take place.

1991: Although neither party knows it, the turtles meet Casey Jones for the first time.  (“The Lesson”)

1993: Billionaire David Xanatos buys Castle Wyvern and transports it to the top of the Airie Building, in New York.  (“Awakening”)


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