Elisa vs. The World: “Awakening: Part 4”

“Goliath…there’s someone here I want you to meet.”David Xanatos

Story by Eric Luke and Michael Reaves
Teleplay by Michael Reaves
Original Air date: October 27, 1994
Characters Introduced: Central Park jogger


While the trio discover how not to deal with Manhattan cab drivers,  Goliath and Elisa try to fight the same group of armed goons that had previously attacked the castle.  Unfortunately, with Goliath severely weakened by a tranquilized and later (to Elisa’s surprise) taken out of the fight entirely by sunrise, it’s up to the NYPD detective to protect them both, a task which she fulfills admirably.  Once Goliath reawakens and realizes the extent of Elisa’s aid–she had spent all day beside him after dispatching the goons–they agree to meet up later.

Later, back at the castle, the trio are choosing names for themselves and for the gargoyle beast when Goliath is summoned by Xanatos, who has a suprise for him: as it turns out, his Angel of the Night survived both the massacre and the intervening 1000 years, and now wishes to rejoin the clan.  She convinces Goliath that, in gratitude to Xanatos, they should agree to help him retrieve his stolen information from Cyberbiotics.  Goliath agrees.

The gargoyles are briefed on their mission, inside three Cyberbiotics facilities–an airship, another in a tower, and the other in an underground base–are three different diskettes (remember those?) with vital information.  The gargoyles will split up and retrieve the disks simultaneously. The three teams are: Goliath and the Angel of the Night (henceforth referred to as AotN), who will take on the airship; Brooklyn, Broadway and Bronx, who will infiltrate the tower; and Hudson and Bronx, who get the remaining base.

While Goliath and AotN have little trouble entering the airship, the trio soon find themselves facing a small army.  Oops.


Call me stupid, but something about this episode used to bug me: for the longest time, I couldn’t realize why Xanatos had ordered his commandos to attack Goliath and Elisa.  It wasn’t until I rewatched if for this post that I realized that Xanatos was using them to give Goliath a personal reason to attack Cyberbiotics, which like, duh.

I’m still not sure what their orders were supposed to be regarding Elisa, thought.  If they were supposed to actually kill her, they’re pretty crappy commandos.  If they weren’t supposed to kill her, they’re pretty careless commandos and/or have x-ray vision–what would have happened if they’d actually killed her while she was hiding on that shed?

In any case, this is where we learn that Elisa is apparently all sorts of bad-ass, capable of holding her own against the goon squad.  I’m not entirely sure I like it, though.  While I can understand Elisa working to get a level or two in badass after meeting Goliath and company,  I don’t get why she’s all Sydney Bristow now–after all, it’s not like the police academy has mandatory martial arts training.  So what caused her to build up?  Traumatic past experience?  Family discipline?  Boredom?  It’s something about her backstory I’d like explained–heck given how we get backstory for every character under the sun, it’s a wonder that we know so little about Elisa’s pre-gargoyle life.

So the gargoyles get names.  Because Greg Weisman is psychic and predicted the existence of this blog, he was kind enough to mention in his commentary for this episode that part of the thought behind the names was to evoke the sort of feel of the Ninja Turtles’ names.  That said, they’re pretty much perfect names, in that they manage to feel appropriate, timeless, and iconic.

Maybe its becuause I already knew how the story went, or perhaps because I watch/read too many stories, but I’ve always felt that Demona’s alliance shift had been telegraphed here, even before her actions on the Fortress 1.  While the story still definitively works, I wonder how it would have looked liked if they’d tried harder to mask her intentions, at least in those first few scenes of her.

Gargoyles-feels-dated alert: it always makes me chuckle seeing Xanatos place so much importance on floppy disks.  Just what vital information could have fit in there?

As a huge fan of flying airships, I have to say: Fortress 1 looks AWESOME.


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