MoNY Timeline (Prehistory-993 A.D.)

So this is the first part of a timeline of most major events in my shared Gargoyles/TMNT verse. This particular part is light on TMNT or original stuff–although there’s a couple of bits there–so alomost everything here comes from episodes of Gargoyles itself, plus hints that Greg Weisman has made over the years over at Ask Greg, as compiled by the ever-useful Gargwiki. The TMNT events are accomodated based on my speculation and what I’ve gleaned from episodes.

So, without further ado, let’s get it on!

Late Cretaceous Period.
* Sorcerer Savanti Romero is exiled into this time period by Lord Simultaneous.
* Renet takes the TMNT to this time period to stop Savanti, who plans to prevent the meteor that destroys the dinosaurs from landing on Earth.
* A wayward time portal temporarily whisks several dinosaurs and other beasts into the year 2105 A.D.
* The turtles are once again transported into this time period, this time by living computer virus Viral.
* Serling is accidentally transported here by his faulty Time Window.

C. 10,000 B.C. The Crystal Sun lands in the island of Y’Lyntius. Its use allows the Y’Lyntians to turn their civilization into the most powerful one in existence.

C. 9386 B.C.
* Y’lyntian rebels create The Praying Gargoyle in the hope of securing an alliance agains the Y’lyntian rulers.
* Y’lyntius is destroyed after an insurrection by rebel Y’lyntians and slaves. One group of survivors build a colony beneath what would later be New York.

C. 2400 B.C. The Sphinx is built in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believe many of the Third Race, including Anubis, to be gods, and worship them.

2000 B.C. – 1500 B.C. Somewhere during this time, Jacob uses the Stone of Destiny for a pillow at Bethel, while fleeing from his brother Esau, and has a vision of angels.

1500 B.C. – 1000 B.C. The Exodus chronicled in The Bible takes place. Moses entrusts the Stone of Destiny to Gathelus and Scota, who take it from Egypt – or, according to a different story, takes it from Egypt himself.

1290 B.C. Daidalos and Hephaistos create the first version of the Talos robot.

C. 1230 B.C. Around this time, Theseus slays the Minotaur in Crete.

753 B.C. Rome founded by Romulus. At some point between now and the reign of Caesar Augustus, the Olympians retreat to New Olympus and seal themselves off from the outside world.

585 B.C. Jeremiah and Tamar Tea Tephi bring the Stone of Destiny to Ireland, where Tamar weds Eochaid.

A.D. 1. By this time, gargoyle beasts have all become incorporated as members of gargoyle clans.

A.D. 10. The Roman Magus, at the bidding of Caesar Augustus, casts the “Spell of Humility” over the entire gargoyle race, causing their garments to turn to stone with them in the daytime.
Cu Chullain lives in Ireland at about this time, and battles the Banshee with the Hound of Ulster, a gargoyle beast. He also splits the Lia Fail.

A.D. 300. A demon called the Shredder attacks Japan. The emperor commissions five warriors to stop him. The demon possesses one of the five warriors, Oroku Saki who then goes on to conquer much of Japan.

A.D. 300-305. The foursome who would later become the Ninja Tribunal travel the world in search for knowledge that would help them defeat the Shredder. One of their many teachers is the Daimyo of the Battle Nexus.

A.D. 305. Oroku Saki’s former partners return to Japan to do battle with him. Saki is defeated, but not killed, and is sealed inside a casket and separated from his items of power.

A.D. 306. Nobuo is born in Japan. He is taken in and raised by the Ninja Tribunal.

A.D. 325. Hisomi Shishō of the Ninja Tribunal; Nobuo, his acolyte; the time-travelling gargoyle Brooklyn; and a Japanese gargoyle clan defeat The Shredder’s earth elemental and protect the village that would later be known as Ishimura.

A.D. 400. Nokkar arrives on Earth and sets up his base on Easter Island.

485. Arthur Pendragon born.

500. Fergus and his people leave Ireland and found the kingdom of Dalriada. They take the Stone of Destiny with them. Fergus lends it to Merlin and King Pelles. Arthur pulls Excalibur from the Stone of Destiny.

September 29th. Arthur is crowned King of Britain.
During Arthur’s reign, Peredur fab Ragnal achieves the Holy Grail and becomes the Fisher King, and Nimue imprisons Merlin in the Crystal Cave.

521. December 7th. Columba is born in County Donegal, Ireland.

542. The Battle of Camlann, at which Arthur is mortally wounded. He is taken away to Avalon and placed in an enchanted sleep within the Hollow Hill, to be awakened when Britain most needs him.

565. St. Columba tames the Loch Ness Monster.

June 9th. St. Columba dies at Iona.

642. Peredur founds what will become the Illuminati Society around this time.

843. Kenneth mac Alpin becomes the first High King of Scotland.

March. Hudson hatches at Wyvern Hill.

914. The Archmage born.

922. Culen born.

932. Kenneth II born. His mother, Maol Chalvim’s second wife, dies in childbirth.

936. Queen Katharine born.

March. Goliath, Demona, “Othello,” “Desdemona,” “Iago,” “Brooksbro”, and “Hyppolyta” hatch at Wyvern Hill.

943. Maol Chalvim I becomes King of Scotland.

954. Maol Chalvim I dies. Indulf usurps the throne, holding Queen Katharine hostage. Prince Malcolm born in Edinburgh Castle.

956. Princess Elena born.

957. Hakon born.

March. Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway and “Schnozz” hatch at Wyvern Hill.

962. Prince Malcolm escapes from Indulf, with Robbie’s help. Indulf is forced to abdicate and go into exile in Ireland with Culen. Duff becomes King of Scotland. Maol Chalvim II born.

966. The Magus born. Mary born within a few miles of Wyvern.

967. Culen returns to Scotland to win back the Scottish throne. King Duff betrayed and slain at the Battle of Gaine; Culen becomes King of Scotland. Prince Malcolm and his family flee to northern England; death of Queen Katharine. Kenneth III born.

971. Constantine III born. Prince Malcolm is introduced to Hudson and the Wyvern Clan by Robbie. With the clan’s help, Kenneth II overthrows Culen and becomes King of Scotland. Prince Malcolm begins building Castle Wyvern. The Archmage comes to live at Wyvern for the first time, and within five years enters Malcolm’s service and takes Demona on as his apprentice.

972. Finella born.

November 1st. Using the Phoenix Gate, Goliath, Demona, David Xanatos, Petros Xanatos and Fox come back in time from the year 1995. Demona immediately uses the Gate to disappear again. Xanatos saves the life of Princess Elena of Normandy. He is rewarded with a coin, which he gives to the Norman Ambassador, a fellow member of the Illuminati Society. The 1995 Goliath encounters the 975 Hudson. The 975 Demona is studying under the Archmage as his apprentice. He instructs her to steal the Phoenix Gate from Princess Elena, which she does. But then she is confronted by the 1995 Demona and Goliath. After a brief trip for all three to 994, the 975 Demona returns them to her time and winds up on the outs with the Archmage. She breaks the Phoenix Gate in two and gives half of it to the 975 Goliath at the wedding of Malcolm and Elena. Meanwhile, all the 1995 participants return to their own time.

976. Princess Katharine born at Castle Wyvern. At some point between now and 984, Princess Elena dies.

March. Bronx, “Kermit” and “True” hatch at Castle Wyvern.

982. Gillecomgain born. The Magus becomes the Archmage’s apprentice.

984. By this time, the Archmage attempts to depose Prince Malcolm, but fails and is driven into exile. He returns to attack the Prince and poison him; Hudson, Goliath, and Demona face him at his cave. Hudson is blinded in one eye, and abdicates as clan leader in favor of Goliath. The Archmage falls into a chasm, seemingly to his doom, but is actually rescued by his future self.
At some point between now and 994, Prince Malcolm dies and Princess Katharine succeeds him to the rule of Castle Wyvern.

985. Bodhe born.

986. Tom born.

March. Last rookery of eggs laid at Castle Wyvern. Sometime between now and 994, approximately half of the gargoyles move and establish a separate clan elsewhere.

990. By this time, a human wizard in Mesoamerica has created the Mayan Sun Amulet and the four pendants that it powers. Using these items, Mayans and gargoyles (ancestors of the Mayan Clan) have started watching over the rainforest around Chac Ixchel.

993. Iago deceives Othello. He is later banished from the clan for one year.


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