Family Tree: O’Neil-Jones

So this is the first part of the family tree detailing how the O’Neil-Jones family will look like by 2198. I’d finished the original version more than a year ago, but have since revised it as new episodes of TMNT aired. As you can see, it’s not quite complete, with lines on the Dun side of the family that lead nowhere. While I’ve completed that part of the (and yes, it’s important), I decided to not include it here, as doing so would have taken too much time, make the whole thing look way more cluttered than it already is, and because I’m lazy :P. Still, expect that on a future post.

As for the blank or nameless squares, those are left like that in case the Mirage comic or any other official incarnation ever decides to actually name these characters; when they do, I’ll amend the tree. If those names have already been established, or if you find the chart too unintuitive, just let me know, ‘kay?


* 2178 Casey Jones is a girl. Just to make that clear.
* The dashed line between spouses (such as Darius Sr. and Dana Gates) indicates that the couple eventually divorce.
* As for the dashed line connecting Shadow to Casey and April…that’s a secret–although one readers of the TMNT Mirage comics should figure out with little trouble.

Only 43% relevant!


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