Posting frequency.

Just to let that amorphous mass collectively known as “y’all” that I’ll be slightly altering my posting frequency, from “every other day” to “Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays”; not only does it mean I have less to post, it makes it easier for me to keep track of when and what to post. F.Y.I.

Since I have nothing more to say, I’ll just leave you with a pic I whipped up with GIMP. It’s not the most greatest thing ever–I’ve only been tinkering with the program for about a month, and I’m still figuring out my way around it–but I’m satisfied with it. The characters are, of course, from the TMNT official character models found in 4Kids’ sadly-stalled TMNT Blog (slightly altered in the case of Chaplin), while the background is from Gargoyles–guess where. On that note, special thanks to DTaina for making it (the background) available on her site .


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