Lies, Chapter 5: Upload

Lies, Chapter 5: Upload

Karai woke up, as usual, at the crack of dawn. She performed her usual hour of exercise (the first of three that she did throughout the day), showered, dressed, and had her customary 1500-calorie breakfast. Today was the day. As she stepped outside into the cold December air, Karai could feel a knot growing in her stomach. If everything went well, she would be telling Joshua the truth today…and then what?

Her plan was a relatively crude one: show up at Joshua’s office and lead him outside with the pretense of taking him out for a picnic lunch; excuse herself to go to the bathroom; and return to his office, where she’d upload the scouring program herself.  Since most of Joshua’s co-workers would also be out for lunch, she did not anticipate much interference. Afterwards, she would tell Joshua the truth, or at least a version of it that would not put The Foot or himself in jeopardy.

As noon approached, Karai made her way to the Shinjuku Mitsui Building, where Cyberbiotics Japan’ offices were located. “Hello, Mr. Kobayashi. How are you today?” Karai asked the security guard at the front desk.

“Morning, Ms. Himeru. Taking Joshua out for lunch again?”

“That’s right.”

Karai was let in, and, as usual, she took the elevator to the building’s 25th floor, where the first of the two Cyberbiotics offices in the building was located. She noted that, as predicted, the place was mostly empty, with only a handful or so of the office’s 56 employees about—all the better. Joshua, as usual, was working in his cubicle. “Hey cutie,” Karai greeted. “Ready to head out?”

“Actually, give me a moment to go to the bathroom first. Nature calls and all that.”

Thanking heaven for small mercies, Karai turned towards Joshua’s computer, inserted the USB pendrive, and watched as the program automatically uploaded itself. Easy-peasy, just as the tech boys had promised. As soon as the status bar indicated that the program had been successfully uploaded, she removed the drive. Mission accomplished, again.

No sooner had she exited the cubicle when every light in the office went out. A couple of seconds later, they returned, accompanied by the familiar hum of an auxiliary power plant. Karai felt it instantly: something was very, very wrong. She glanced at the front door, where five masked men carrying machine guns had just entered the office.



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