Gargoyles Re-review: Episode 1: “Awakening, pt. 1”

Since I’m not going to be able to constantly upload fics–as evidence by the not-at-all-timely posting of any–i’ll have to add some regular features in order to keep this going. Which brings me to this: reviews of every aired episode of both Gargoyles and TMNT. So here’s my thoughts on the first ever episode of Gargoyles.

By the time I first saw the series pilot, I’d already seen most of season 2, which spoiled many if not all of the surprises here. While I’d have been nice to see this unspoiled, I have to say the episodes don’t suffer much from it—this is some great stuff, and are collectively the best episodes in the season by a fair margin. The animation is capital-G Gorgeous, the script is good, and it’s overall a great start for the series.

Random thoughts:

* Even in the first episode, the voice acting is spot on. The regulars seem to have settled into their roles in record time.

* Demona’s first scene? Awesome. It was awesome back then, continues to be awesome now, and will still be awesome fifty years in the future.

* Something seems wonky about the distances involved here, Goliath’s planning, or both. If Goliath and In-The-Future-I-Will-Be-Called-Hudson didn’t have time to return to the castle before sunrise, how were they planning to actually finish fighting the vikings before they turned into stone?

* This episode shows the first instance of a sort of recurring motive for the series: a) only good people (a.k.a. those that don’t go around attacking other castles) employ gargoyles, and b) those same groups are fucked without them.

* Upon re-watching this episode for this review, it made me wonder if there had ever been a battle where two gargoyle armies fought each other, or if those Gargoyle-dependent people ever had a strategy for daytime battles.

* Given that this episode makes it a point of showing that the battles atop the Aeirie building can result in quite a bit of collateral damage, I have to wonder if the subsequent fights resulted in any further destruction. What would Goliath feel if he ever found out that one of the many, many battles taking place there resulted in the death of an innocent?


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